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The Tom Ford Hunter Aviators

July 6, 2010

If you are in search for a timeless pair of summer shades, look no further than the aviator my friend. Let me introduce you to my own, the Tom Ford Hunter. Were they expensive? Yes. Will I feel horrible if I sit on them or leave them at some obscure place I tread? Indeed. Might I simply have upgraded to the ever present Ray-Ban version that are just as functional for half the price and felt fine about it? Probably.

You can get other sunglasses. What you would not get is the bold sensation that one instantly feels when you slip Mr. Ford’s handiwork upon your face. It is the little things that make me love these aviators. The well crafted metal feels sturdy yet light on your face. The design stands out from other aviators, but somehow remains traditional. The small script etched onto the lens that simply reads, “Tom Ford” reminds you that these are not merely sunglasses. Somehow part of Mr. Ford’s elegance and bravado are gifted to you each time you don these shades.

Forgive my mug being all over these images, as it is difficult to represent the sunglasses without a face… mine was, unfortunately the best available.

Sure, you can pick up a cheap pair of glasses at the local five & dime or go with some other remarkable pair of glasses that will foot the bill, but they will not be Tom Fords. Sometimes it is best to simply cough up the money and pick yourself up something you covet and will last for many moons. Having worn them and weighed the cost, I feel as style pundit Ryan from You Have Broken the Internet eloquently stated after dropping some serious coin on his infamous whiskey Alden’s (drool over them here and here), “Worth every penny.”

Make no mistake, you can get other sunglasses. But if you want the experience of the Tom Ford Hunter, here is a place to find them: Bloomingdales


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