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A Sartorial et al

February 22, 2011

What began as a simple conversation among my fellow ankle showing aficionados has turned into a collaboration in which men from across the country, who all have a significant voice in the style blogging world, have banded together on reviewing the same item and posting our reviews on the same day. This unique project gives the reader not just one assessment and opinion, but numerous on the same item, all from different sartorial perspectives.

Our Sartorial et al will be focused on an essential item for men seeking to better their wardrobe, pants for the everyman, Dockers. Dockers has revitalized their product line by updating their chinos with many slimmer fitting pants for a more tailored look, all which comes at an affordable price tag.

If you are even considering adding a pair of pants to your repertoire, here is your chance to get a real look at hands on reviews from 7 different individuals who always give a damn about what clothes they put on. Take notes from their vignettes and click on the titles above their images to jump to their sites to see their full photos and reviews. To stay in style let me also advise you to keep up with them via Twitter by simply clicking on their names after their review comments.

_The Momentum

“My problem when it comes to pants is simple but not easily remedied. I’m a normal 5’8″, typical weight, average build, sparkling conversationalist, etc. etc. The usual. But, my issue lies in inseams. Regardless of a tag reading 30/30, every length is different. Sometimes, I wonder just who the hell is measuring these pants. So when I stumbled upon the Dockers Khaki Waders and, in turn, San Fran fit, both promising a no break solution, I was a bit on the hesitant-to-believe side of the proverbial fence.

Regardless, I ordered a few sets of the pants. Dammitall if they didn’t actually deliver what they promised. The waist-to-inseam lie true, and unless I want to go a bit highwater, which is never a bad thing, they don’t need a roll or cuff whatsoever. I was way more open to copping a set or three of these given the pricepoint versus trying out another brand at some exorbitant figure. It’s a win/win. Or, had they not fit, more like a slight win/slight who cares. “ – Will

Black and Tanned

“I recently added these khaki waders to my arsenal and I’ve gotta say, they’re a pretty solid pair of chinos. The fit is slim with a slight taper–7.5″ leg opening on a size 32–that works well with the intentionally ankle-length inseam.

They’re made of a nicely washed cotton twill, and details like a patch coin pocket on the left hip and angled back welt pockets are thoughtful and well appreciated. An impressive showing, especially considering the sub-$50 price point.” – Jonathan


“Because of my stockier proportions (I have a thicker lower half), getting slim fit anything is always a nuisance. With Dockers, it wasn’t as much of an issue as I thought it’d be. I bought the D1s at my true waist size and they were a little snug in the thigh with a leg opening larger than I would have liked (8″, I believe). However, one quick trip to the tailor for all 3 pairs I own and voila! I now have 3 well-fitting, tapered chinos for under $50.

Dockers has certainly changed my opinion on their chinos over the last 8 months or so. Looking forward to grabbing a couple more pairs for this Spring/Summer!” – Gabe

Dreams of Perfection

“Out of any pair of pants in my wardrobe, including my denim, my Dockers Khaki Waders see the most wear. My work environment doesn’t have a very strict dress code. On any given day, coworkers of mine could be dressed in suits, or they could be dressed in a polo and jeans. So these are my go-to pants. I own three colors: Earth, Hazy Jade, and Carmel. Each color get it’s share of fun in the sun.

One thing I’m a bit disappointed to see is that it doesn’t seem like Dockers is continuing the run of the Khaki Waders for Spring. While the SF Taper looks great (and comes in awesome colors), the 32″ inseam is just too long for my short legs. While I am 5’8″, my legs are definitely on the shorter side, as shown by the fact that I have to roll my Waders twice to show off just a little ankle.” – Paul

Dapper Demeanor

“These are perfect for the guy looking for a chino that can go from the office to the bar in 0-60. The Slim Tapered is in deed the slimmer of the two, with a lower rise and smaller leg opening (6.75 inches across) that is akin to the Levi’s 511 with a tad more room and no elastane. I think, however, the SF Tapered fit is going to be Dockers’ crown jewel of this new class of slim chinos.

Slim with a slightly higher rise (10 inches instead of 9) and slightly wider leg opening (7.5 inches across), the SF Tapered (SF stands for San Francisco by the way) is the chino that you have probably seen the most in different publications.  They come in a crazy range of colors (I really like the Refuge green and Scotch blue) and Shaun tells me that they should be available in more sizes both online and in Dockers’ stores sometime around March.” – C. Benjamin

Red Clay Soul

“The older I get, the more conscious I am about the fit of clothes. A good tailor is as important as the quality of the merchandise. When dealing with pants, the break is a very personal preference – where the wrong choice can hurt, but the right choice makes a highly positive impact.

We live in a business-casual world. The joke was ‘well, that’s easy, some Dockers and a polo’, which is acceptable, but come on…  Dockers has figured it out – over the past couple of years, they have brought the world of khakis and ‘business casual’ into a stylish option that is more widely accepted by more than just the Mon-Fri 9-5 crew.” – Jay

A Headlong Dive

“Simply repeat after me, “I will not find chinos that have this quality and fit for this price anywhere else. Anywhere. Else.” If you can’t get on board with paying somewhere between $70-$30 (depending on the many sales Dockers often has) for a great pair of pants that are casual enough to wear on weekends with an untucked shirt but can get the job done at the office after a quick hit with an iron, then you are beyond my sartorial help. But let’s be honest, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t already a man of even somewhat discriminating taste for menswear.

Maybe you aren’t necessarily on board with showing off ankle and prefer a little break or even don’t subscribe to the sans socks look. Fine. To each his own. As you can even see from these images, socks are not a sin. But no one can convince me that billowy folds at the bottom of one’s ill-fitting pants looks aesthetically pleasing or does anything to augment one’s sense of style.

The SF Tapered are spot on and maintain a slim fit throughout without being uncomfortable or moving into the unwanted category of “skinny fit.” – Jeremiah



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  1. February 22, 2011 8:03 pm

    I’ve been looking forward to this since seeing it come together on Twitter last week.

    Of course I knew it’d deliver, good work guys.

    Now I’m looking forward to picking up a pair

  2. Dan permalink
    February 23, 2011 3:32 am

    I have a pair of the Khaki waders I got on the Dockers sale because all the other colors seemed to have sold like hotcakes, and I must tell you that they are in fact wonderful for the price. I’m looking forward to picking up the slim tapered. Great article guys!

  3. Jake permalink
    February 26, 2011 5:40 pm

    Hey Jeremiah, I enjoyed reading the post. How do the SF tapered fit in the waist compared to the Khaki Waders? I had to size up one in the waist for the Waders.

    • February 28, 2011 6:49 pm

      Sorry for the delay my friend.

      Regarding the fit around the waist, I would say the SF Tapered fit really similar to the Khaki Waders. Both are a little snug, so if you sized up on the Waders, might be a good idea to do the same with the SF Tapered.

      Best of luck.

  4. March 19, 2011 3:06 pm

    Hi there,

    This was seriously one of the best and relevant reads for the Caribbean G. I am looking forward to picking up a pair of the SF Tapered and Khaki Waders.

    I can so see myself and a bunch of forward aficionados strolling through some town expressing the diversity of the Caribbean through our chinos.

    Great job Gs.



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