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Sartorial et al | form•function•form

April 23, 2012

Like most menswear enthusiasts, I enjoy reading blogs. I routinely wonder what my blogger friends would think about a certain piece from a collection or what their point of view is on a new brand that comes along offering a fresh take on the many products I appreciate. Often the opinions are voiced over Twitter but too rarely do all the people I desire to hear from get a chance to handle the product or to weigh in with more than 140 characters.

And thus started the Sartorial et al, a collaboration with bloggers from across the country who have a significant voice in the menswear blogging world and have banded together to review and post their thoughts on the same day. This unique project gives the reader not just one assessment and opinion but numerous on the same brand, all from different sartorial perspectives.

While the previous Sartorial et al focused on trousers, our attention will now shift to the wide world of accessories and the launch of a new voice in the world of leather goods, form•function•form. Using the greatest materials available (Horween leather and U.S. made sailing and fishing equipment) form•function•form creates unmistakable goods by turning aesthetically pleasing equipment into striking and well-made accessories.

Enjoy these hands on reviews from folks who always give a damn about what they put on. Take notes from their vignettes and click on the titles above their images to jump to their sites to read the full articles.

Alex Grant

“As some of you might know, I’m very fond of my current cardholder so I was a little hesitant when Shawn asked me to review his Architect Wallet. But when he described that it comes with a Moleskine notebook and a Fisher Space Pen (both which I was already carrying around), I realized just how perfect it would be to consolidate these essentials into one item.” – Skip


“Regardless of where you stand on the men in bracelets debate, there’s still plenty to appreciate about the BFS Bracelet from Florida’s form•function•form. Handcrafted from buttery Horween Natural Chromexcel, and featuring a Grade 316 stainless snap closure and US-made YKK snap and rivet, the BFS is, as the company puts it, “not to be handled with care.” Add to that a not-too-thick-not-too-thin 3/4″ width, hidden branding and a totally doable price, and the bracelet is an easy one to be tempted by – even if you’re not a fan of wrist accessories.” – Brad

Black & Tanned

“Despite having acquired a number of bracelets, watchbands, and other pieces of wrist-ular ephemera over the last few years, I never moved far past my “NATO and those beads I got at Capsule that one time” phase. Nothing much behind it; just never found anything that stuck. Well, luckily enough, round 2 of the Sartorial et Al. worked out pretty well for me. Shawn from Form Function Form hooked me up with a couple of expertly executed, hand crafted pieces that I can safely say I’ll keep in rotation for a good long while.” – Jonathan

Red Clay Soul

“This is the adult version of a ‘hip’ watch strap or leather cuff. It fits tightly, as it should. The stud is sturdy, and shouldn’t pop off, and the color it exactly what you’d expect from Brandy shell cordovan – very handsome. The button stud watch strap is a great alternative to the traditional watch bands – or NATO straps. Mixing it up – it’s what it’s all about.” – Jay

The History of My World

“Using the best products they can find (most are sourced in the USA, but they are adamant in procuring the best quality products, regardless of manufacturing origin), they’ve put together a handful of products at launch. Ranging from bracelets, to a key fobs, watch straps, and wallets there’s something here for every dude.” – Gabe

Dreams of Perfection

“So far, I really haven’t been one of the bloggers on the bracelet/mewelry bandwagon at all. All of us have seen it on Tumblr and Instagram: well dressed dudes with their summer camp friendship bracelets on peeking out from underneath unbuttoned, sprezzed-out surgeons cuffs. It’s not that I thought they looked bad on them, but I was just so used to wearing only a watch that I had not yet partaken… until two weeks ago. Shawn Reed of Form·Function·Form was kind enough to offer me a few of his wares to try out, and now I’m sold.” – Paul

The Momentum

“Form Function Form has it on lock. Not just for looks, either. And that’s why I got so into FFF’s offerings. Anyone can make some leather goods. But what set is apart? In this case, function.” – Will

N’East Style

“It was really fun to be able to work with Shawn to create a custom bracelet from his designs. The lure bracelet instantly caught my eye having grown up in a fishing community and now with a fiance who is an avid fly fisherman. I wanted to give the bracelet a bit of a hunting/fishing theme by having the cord blaze orange. The result was exactly what I had hoped for with a silvery fish paired with the blaze. The Eagle Claw hook closure completes the concept and was quite easy to fasten and unfasten on my own. Shawn was very kind and sent me a second bracelet, the Bow Shackle, with my second color choice hunter green. It has turned out to be an equal favorite for me with the closure’s nod to closure to an authentic, yacht-quality bow shackle.” – Christine

Dapper Demeanor

“When it came to the BFS bracelet, I knew I didn’t necessarily want more wrist-raff so I use it as a lanyard for my keys. The leather is amazing, the hook closure is fairly discrete, and the snap closure is strong so your keys stay on all day. The embossed “F” on the underside is my favorite detail and shows the thought that goes into each piece. I clip the hook to the nearest belt loop to my pocket and call it a day. With jeans, I clip to the front loop and on chinos I use the hip loop.” – C.B.

A Headlong Dive

“And while I could opt for a traditional bar buckle watch strap, I’ve had my heart set on something more creative. My search is now over as form•function•form now offers a one of a kind button-stud strap handmade in the U.S. out of Horween’s Shell Cordovan that is custom made to fit my wrist and costs substantially less than other Cordovan carrying brands. Thank you sir, may I have another.” – Jeremiah


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