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Drake’s | Flower-Print Silk Tie

May 15, 2012

Not everyone is a tie kind of guy. And while I could make a sensible and lengthy argument why everyone should be a tie wearing man, I’ll save that for another day. What I will pontificate is that every man needs (at the very least) a small supply of neckwear for the periodic wedding, graduation or celebratory occasion that calls for more a dignified dress code exceeding one’s everyday attire. If you are in the market for such a unique accessory this summer season, which is often filled with events galore, go with Drake’s of London.

You’ll not only feel better in neckwear that sets you apart from other gents in attendance but the tie can act as a memento that marks the occasion and reminds you of your achievement every time you wear it. Furthermore, such events are always filled with photographic moments and you don’t want to be remembered through the ages as a classless schlub. Ok, I’ll admit that at this point I’m just making up reasons to buy a luxurious new tie.

From Mr. Porter, “Drake’s is the largest producer of handmade ties in England, and the quality of this flower-print version attests to the company’s investment in superior construction. Made from fine silk-twill and featuring a playful design, this piece has a refined presence. Allow the pattern to stand out by pairing it with a bright white shirt when you need to cut a dash in the boardroom.”

Get yours at Mr. Porter.


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