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Sartorial Notes | Shirt or Jacket?

January 4, 2013





Gentle reader, the good people of Frans Boone state that this striking garment from Herno shown in the images above is a shirt you would wear like a jacket. While I’m a bit of a skeptic, this is America and Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat (the burden of proof lies with who declares, not who denies). Let’s unpack that premise in today’s Sartorial Notes, shall we?

How do our wordsmith friends over at Merriam-Webster define a “jacket?”

“1 jack·et: a garment for the upper body usually having a front opening, collar, lapels, sleeves, and pockets”

Let’s approach this shit Sesame Street style and evaluate our garment in question and see if we have a shirt or a jacket on our hands.

Proposition 1. “a garment for the upper body”

Check, but that could also be evidence of a shirt. Let’s keep moving.

Proposition 2. “having a front opening”

Check plus for the double-breasted option (yet button-up shirts do indeed share in this quality).

Proposition 3. “collar”

Check plus, While formal shirts do have collars, that shit doubles back over to protect the wearer from inclement weather, a clear sign of a jacket.

Proposition 4. “lapels”

Checked-e-check yoself.

Proposition 5. “sleeves”

Check-minus, as shirts often do the same.

Proposition 6. “(and) pockets”

Mutha-fuckin Checkmate.

Let’s review our Sartorial Notes so in the future when someone walks up to you and aggressively asks, “Hey, is that a damn shirt or a jacket,” you can drop some knowledge on them. Shirts and jackets overlap in the fact that they are both garments worn on the upper body. They also can share front openings (yet the t-shirt or undershirt is technically a shirt, but pulled over one’s head) and sleeves (as a sleeveless upper body garment with a front opening would be a vest or gilet).

The difference makers to remember when distinguishing between the two, gentle reader, is the pronounced collar and opening that is double-breasted. The “elementary, my dear Watson” moment comes with the lapels and the side pockets that are overtly for the warming of hands (not pockets placed over the chest). So, the dead giveaways for spotting a jacket in the wild are as follows: collar, front opening, side pockets and lapels. Add goose down to the mix and, congratulations, you’ve got yourself a bona fide jacket.

Mistaken identity aside, it’s one stellar, yet confused, shirt/jacket. Just don’t let anyone tell you it’s also a pair of pants.

Get on it at Frans Boone.


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  1. January 4, 2013 1:48 pm

    Whatever it is, it’s awesome.

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