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The Hill-Side | Modified Herringbone Tie

January 7, 2013


Many thanks to Emil & Sandy for the holiday gift of their latest exceptional Hill-Side edition, the Old Virginia Modified Herringbone Tie. Just when I think the Brothers Corsillo have taken U.S. made accessories to the height of artistry and charm, they somehow find a higher peak on the mountaintop.

Watching the production video of the Old Virginia Modified Herringbone (posted below) is indeed a special treat for any of us who enjoy the story behind our attire. Having spent plenty of my youth in Virginia, the cadence, landscape, moonshine and good nature of  “Old Bob the Weaver” and the other Virginian folks in the video take me back to a simpler time and the days of my misspent youth.

Details from Hickorees, “From Old Virginia Modified Herringbone” stripe fabric. Woven for The Hill-Side in Virginia on a 1930’s shuttle loom. 80% cotton / 20% polyester, 100% recycled yarn content. Unwashed, Selvedge at both ends, Unlined, Label and loop trims constructed from USA, sourced natural cotton twill tape – 57″ long x 2″ at wide end. Made in USA (New York City).”

Take a look, watch the video and make the jump to Hickorees to get one of your own.







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