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Rogue Territory | Unsanforized Slubby Stanton

June 12, 2013




I think we’ve found the foremost fall denim and (no surprise) it comes from Rogue Territory.

From RT, “In its truest form denim is unsanforized, unsinged and just plain un-adulterated. This means that the denim has not gone through the process of being shrunk and has not had the natural “hairs” from the long fiber ring-spun cotton yarn “singed” off. In other words, the denim is in it’s loomstate. There are many varying views on which type of denim is better, I’m of the opinion that if you’re sourcing the highest quality denim whether it is sanforized or unsanforized you’re going to have a great product. We’re drawn towards unsanforized denim for it’s purity, amazing texture and it’s historic significance (denim wasn’t sanforized until the mid-1930s). 13.5oz (before soak) approximately 14.5oz (after soak) UNSANFORIZED indigo selvedge denim woven with cotton/hemp blended yarn from Nihon Menpu Mills in Okayama, Japan. This denim is super textured or slubby which creates a great hand and lends to creating unique wear patterns and fades over time.”

While supplies last at Rogue Territory.


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