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Neronote Shirting

July 10, 2013


Pardon the interruption from all the outlandish action in the wide world of menswear as I turn my attention back to classic shirting. As I have stated in the past, the custom dress shirt is often considered an opulent option so men are somehow doomed to pick between S to XL or settle for neck and arm measurements for our shirting. And while these methods will usually get you a suitable shirt, for the majority of body types it is a far cry from a precise fit.

And while theoretically most men would in all likelihood prefer custom made clothing, the idea of a shirt made uniquely for “me” can often be seen as both expensive and excessive. As the pendulum continues to swing to form fitting menswear, affordable custom shirting seems to be bridging the gap between men and well-fitting attire. I was recently given the option to design my own from the Italian bespoke shirt manufacturer, Neronote.

Neronote basically gives a man the freedom to create his own shirt out of a current stock of 1863 fabrics. And while all those options can seem a bit daunting, few other shirting manufacturers boast such a wide range of fabric possibilities with an easy to sort drop down feature that helps you narrow the focus to the fabric of your desire. Further customization include sleeve, cuff, pocket, collar and overall fit.

Take a look at the images below to see the customization I opted for and make your way over to Neronote to outline your own. After giving this one a go, I can tell you that once you go custom, it’s tough to go back. Most of my other shirting now seems in need of a visit to the tailor for a trim.








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