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Tom Brady | Paragon

February 2, 2015









We can all learn a thing or two from the now four time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady. Say what you will about his often varying hair styles or supposedly deflated footballs, but when it comes to clothing, time and time again Tom Brady is the best dressed man in all of football.

The guy rocks the suit and tie on the plane while other players are in sweats (as seen above). Simply put, Brady dresses like a man. And whether you are a Colts, Packers, Giants or Seahawks fan, you have to respect that.

So what can we learn from Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.? Regardless of your profession, a coat and tie classes up both you and your vocation. You might not always look the best on the field but you can still look the best off the field. Don’t live off past success. When you stay hungry, you get fed.


Quoddy | Wabanaki Chukka

February 1, 2015

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The only thing I like more than crepe soles on a chukka is when they’re unlined. Couple those features with the olive backstay and you’ve got yourself a winner with these Quoddy Wabanaki. Double bonus that they’re in Tobacco and/or Navy Chamois. Luxe chukkas made from a goat-antelope species native to mountains in Europe trump pretty much anything else you can wear on your feet.

More details over at Leffot.


Oak Street Bootmakers | Hunt Boot Sale

January 27, 2015



OSB’s Hunt Boot’s are currently 30% off, so if you’re looking for some choice winter weather shit kickers, now’s your chance. I’ve owned the Navy Camp Boots for some years now and can attest to their quality and durability.

Head over to Oak St. Bootmakers for more details.


Gitman Vintage | Shapes and Shades of Spring

January 26, 2015


No better way to give winter weather the bird than getting full blown into spring shirting in the midst of a blizzard. Keep warm thoughts going by imagining yourself in GV’s Indigo Bandana Print Shirt. That’s right, just ponder a warm breeze and you’re having cocktails riding that made in the good ol’ USA, lightweight and slim fitting with a button-down collar and rounded hem vibe.

Shit man, don’t think all that long, that warm feeling may be hypothermia setting in!

Price and purchase info at East Dane.
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Barbour x White Mountaineering | Wave Print Collection

January 25, 2015


White Mountaineering’s Yosuke Aizawa just locked arms with Barbour to give you some radical water camo that’s straight up Melvillian. Navy and literally wavy, you could get all of these, wear them all at the same time and legally change your name to Moby Dick. Or buy the jacket and have all your friend’s call you Ishmael when you wear it. Or you could get the backpack and a small ass dog you carry around in it, named Ahab. Or just the t-shirt and shorts and change your Twitter handle to Queeque. Or don’t buy anything and just go eat a can of tuna, you cheap bastard.

Full collection over at End.

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Unionmade | Winter Sale

January 19, 2015

Unionmade’s winter sale is rolling and full of plenty of impressively discounted gear you probably don’t really need but probably do really want. Stroll on over to give it a look or for some specific selections of badassery, click out on the links below to get your fix.

LVC Sweatshirt

Gant Hiker Parka

 Hill-Side Sneakers

TS(S) Button Down Shirt

Beams + Pants

Levi’s M&C Leather Jacket

RRL Dotted Work Shirt

Nanamica Quilted Coat

LVC 1947

Boglioli K Jacket

Todd Snyder Selvedge Twill Shirt

Vetra Jacket


Accoutrements | Assemblage

January 16, 2015

The biggest wardrobe mistake a man can make is to focus exclusively on his apparel and neglect the accompanying accoutrements. Accessories are not extraneous. Been caught in the rain recently with a shitty umbrella that is upended by the wind? Or maybe you’re still struggle hanging your ties and belts from a clothes hanger. Few things ruin the excitement of packing for a trip like placing your personal effects in a disgraceful dopp kit. A man needs auxiliary equipment when it comes to caring for himself and his apparel so take a look at the Assemblage below and click out on the titles for further details and purchase info.

Filson | Umbrella


Form Function Form | iPhone Case


Apolis | Alpaca Travel Kit


Aesop | Grooming Supplies


Billy Reid | Garment Bag


J.W. Hulme | Travel Case


Venetian Shoe Cream


Baxter of California | Shaving Set


Alden | Valet Kit


Woodlore | Tie & Belt Hanger


Izola | Flask


Persol | Sunglasses


Odin | Tanoke Cologne


Billykirk | Leather Coasters


Jack Spade | Duffle Bag


Tanner Goods | Driver Gloves


Mismo | Backpack


Makr | Key Fob


Musgo Real | Bar Soap

Musgo Real

Apolis | Wine Tote


Rolex | Submariner


J.W. Hulme | Valet Tray


Kershaw | Pocket Knife


Billykirk | Wallet


Hill-Side | Handkerchief




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