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Nigel Cabourn for Filson | Work Cape Jacket

October 12, 2014









Nigel Cabourn and Filson teamed up to solve all your outerwear problems with this cape jacket. I’m not really sure how the “cape” comes into play other than just in the name but it does add a certain gravitas and you and I both know that outerwear is nothing without gravitas. Well, nothing except an item to protect you from the elements, which is kind of the whole purpose of the damn thing. I mean, staying warm and dry is super important and all, but I’d still prefer mine with the addition of gravitas if given the option.

Hit up Context for jacket purchase possibilities.


Battenwear | Scout Anorak Parka

October 9, 2014







This parka from Battenwear is particularly nifty because it has one giant kangaroo pouch smack dab in the middle of your stomach. No better way to hide your F/W paunch than to wear a popover parka with a titanic pocket you can jam full of everyday carry so when you go home for Thanksgiving and your mom again asks if you’ve gained weight from eating all the Halloween candy instead of handing out to the trick-o-treaters you can be all like, “Nah maw, it’s just all the gear in my oversized parka pocket!”

She’ll then, of course, make a comment about your face looking fatter with a beard and then ask you to take your “coat” off and make yourself comfortable but let’s be honest, you’ve not been comfortable there in damn near twelve years since you don’t have a bedroom to retreat to and taking off your Scout Anorak Parka wouldn’t help one shitty little bit and she knows it. It’s no wonder you eat your emotions and all the Halloween candy.


Need Supply | North by North Lookbook

October 8, 2014








I really like Need Supply’s new North by North Lookbook because,

#1. It’s full of exceptional clothing that I want to own.

#2. The model has a resemblance to my friend from high school, named Dick. To be honest, I’ve not spoken to Dick since high school but way back when he was pretty easy to get along with. He smoked a lot of weed and dated this older lady who was damn fine plus she was rich and let us all hang out at her place, which always had a ton of Doritos no matter how many times we showed up to eat them all. Her residence was like an endless potato chip buffet. Also, everybody called his dad “Cannonball,” including Dick. That’s right, Dick, endearingly, referred to his own father as Cannonball. The moniker’s origins was under much speculation but supposedly the name was given because he was known for chewing massive wads of tobacco and drinking an abundance of cheap beer at the same damn time, without ever spitting. I’ve not checked any actuarial tables but I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet Cannonball died from stomach cancer many moons ago. We just took a dark turn that I’m not gonna be able to pull out of until tomorrow’s post.

See the full lookbook at Need Supply.



Drake’s | Wool Ties

October 7, 2014

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Pardon the interruption from my typical tongue-in-cheek tone but when talking ties as elegant as these wool wonders from Drake’s, we should elevate the aura around this place. As I’ve said before, one of the great ironies of my adult life is making my home in Florida and my favorite season being autumn. Having spent my entire youth in Tennessee, I’ve always been drawn to fall foliage, crisp autumn air and more than anything else, the rich tones and textures that come with autumnal attire.

And while I’ve learned to go light on the layering here in a tropical climate, I’ve grown in my ability to shift from summertime shades to fall fabrics and hues in moderate yet meaningful ways. One of those is with the wool tie, which can signify seasonal change without going fully into thick textiles. And if you’re in the market to buy a tie, never a bad idea to go with Drake’s of London.


Reigning Champ | Tiger Fleece Blanket

October 6, 2014


Is your blanket game basic?  Luxurious blankets are the new, new know, you know?  If you’re not wrapping up in an upscale Canadian blanket at the end of the day, you are clearly not a kong konnoisseur and need to re-evaluate your self-proclaimed epicurean status.  And you know that Canadians are blanket kings, since their geography is pretty much 89% arctic tundra.

Get your blanket game strong with these Reigning Champ Tiger Fleece Blankets and make Old Man Winter your sweet bitch.  I don’t know particularly why they’re called “Tiger Fleece,” but I can only assume it’s most likely because they meticulously studied the fur patterns and moisture wicking ability of tigers then painstakingly constructed these blankets to mimic the intricate nature of tiger fur. That or it just sounds somewhat cool.







Adidas x Rick Owens | Tech Sneakers

October 5, 2014

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Remember that episode of Samurai Jack where Jack breaks his sandals and get his ass all kinds of kicked until he finds that Japanese dude who still keeps the ancient ways of sandal making alive in the dystopian future?  No?  Any takers?  Anyway, these Adidas x Rick Owens tech sneakers would’ve stole that old dude’s thunder if Jack could’ve gotten his feet into them.  Jack would’ve probably ended up finding a way back to the past to destroy the demon wizard Aku.  Ricky’s tech sneakers are that numinous.

From here on out in every post I’m just going to have shoes juxtaposed to old and obscure cartoons.  Stay tuned for tomorrow as I’ll compare and contrast some pair of boots with Gambit’s ability to manipulate kinetic energy and his on again/off again relationship with Rogue.


Epaulet x Styleforum | Shell Cordovan Trainer

October 2, 2014


If you’re a Shell Cordovan fan, then these new trainers from Epaulet might give your bank account a seizure when you pre-order all five pairs. Just tried to convince my wife that I should collect the whole set and how they’d probably hold their value better than the S&P these days, but she wasn’t buying it. Menswear economics having failed me, I need another argument to persuade her. Think I’ll try weeping in the corner until she relents.

From Epaulet, “This particular Shell Cordovan hails from the Shinki Hikaku tannery of Japan. It is vegetable tanned for months to give it a supple hand and an even character. From there it is sent to the Comipel tannery in Italy to be dyed and finished. The resulting leather has remarkably deep color and a naturally glossy finish. Shinki Hikaku Shell Cordovan is lightweight and exceptionally supple – and is therefore uniquely well-suited to be crafted into a trainer.

The Epaulet Tennis Trainer is hand-made in Portugal with our own exclusive comfort last. Inspired by classic tennis shoes of the 1960’s, our trainer has a sleek profile, a low toe box, and perfectly rounded toe cap. An Italian-made gum-toned Margom rubber sole provides great traction and a cushioned ride. The sole is cemented internally and reinforced with 360° stitching to the upper. A kidskin glove leather full liner extends throughout the interior. Both whole and half sizes are available for a precise fit. They will be among the most comfortable pieces of footwear that you have ever owned.”

The pre-order is on at Epaulet.








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