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New Balance 997 | Chalk Blue Distinct Weekend Bag Collection

March 29, 2015





Guys, red brick soles with chalky blue suede uppers on the 997’s are the stuff dreams are made of. Well, dreams and shoes. Actually just shoes, as dreams are made up of your subconscious thoughts and memories.

Anyway, these 997’s are from the Distinct Weekend Bag Collection, which are suppose to “evoke memories of iconic, waxed canvas bags overflowing with weekend essentials.” That might indeed be the most obscure and nonspecific “collection” I’ve ever fucking heard of but I’ll be damned if I’m not all in on it. Maybe NB will do their next collection based on Little Debbie Snack Cakes, featuring the 998’s in Oatmeal Creme Pies, Swiss Rolls, Zebra Cakes and Fudge Rounds. Tell me that wouldn’t be dope. And yes, I was chubby as a kid.

Price and purchase info at Context.


The Hill-side | Spring Sneakers

March 24, 2015







If you’re feeling ready to give your winter boots, well, the boot, the Bros. Corsillo just dropped some serious spring sneakers for your consideration. Not that you can’t wear sneakers in cold weather but you don’t want to lose a toe or two to frostbite. Winter fucking blows, right? I mean, I guess you could lose a toe or two cutting the grass in the spring though. Man, toes are super vulnerable. Having only 8 or 9 toes would totally fuck up your footwear fit. Not to mention, socks would also bunch up all uncomfortably around your missing phalanges. On the bright side, you’d never be tempted to wear sandals again. A man’s got to dig pretty deep to find a bright side to losing toes, but there you go.

More info on the Hill-side sneakers at Hickorees.


Alden for Epaulet | “Ironside Indy”

March 23, 2015




Any boot nicknamed “Ironside” better bring the thunder and by the beard of Zeus, these chamois Indy Boots certainly look the part. The color is technically called “Earth” which is suppose to be a dark brown that will lighten up with wear but I honestly I love the grey/black look from the images. Either way, these Commando sole chamois kicks make for one badass burly boot.

More details at Epaulet.


Taylor Stitch | Wayfaring Jacket

March 17, 2015






The gents at Taylor Stitch continue to churn out products that hit me on every level; functional, well-made and handsome yet affordable in comparison with other outfitters that create a similar line of goods. Their new Wayfaring Jacket is the perfect example of what makes TS a staple any man can build his attire around. The 8.25 Oz. shelter tent waxed canvas that’s waterproof and windproof makes for the perfect spring jacket. And for those with an unquenchable wanderlust, it can be rolled up to around the size of a can of tennis balls. If you don’t have any travel plans in the books, buy this jacket and you’ll instantly have a need to go somewhere to test its resilience and packability. If it sucks, you can then plan another trip to Valencia Street in San Fran and yell profanities at the TS gang. If you like it, you can just go there anyway and procure more rad shit and pay homage. That’s two possible trips this jacket just gifted you, regardless of the outcome. This jacket just saved you from a spring filled only with with loneliness, Netflix and jacking off.

Info at Taylor Stitch


CAMO | Felt Hat

March 11, 2015

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CAMO’s hat collaboration with Italian hat maker Barbisio continue to convert all of us to hat people. These felt beauties are a little smaller than their Ranger hat, of which I own two. Even still, I’m feeling the need for these to be a part of my collection. At least I think I’m feeling the need. Maybe I’m just really hungry. When I was twelve and would roll up into Champs or Foot Locker ready to drop all that lawn mowing $$$ on some fire kicks or an NCAA Classic Game 3 Bar Cap, I would always hit up Sbarro first to make sure I would make the right choices. Lawn mowing $$$ doesn’t come easy and a plucky twelve year old can’t trust his gut on an empty stomach. Few things define my early adolescence like shitty pizza and bad decisions at Foot Locker.

Price and purchase info at East Dane.


Rogue Territory | Spring Drop

March 9, 2015






You guys, Rogue Territory just dropped their first batch of spring goods and it’s all the raddest rad but I almost didn’t say anything about it because I never remember how to spell ‘rogue’ correctly. For some reason I always get the O and U switched up and think it’s R-O-U-G-E, which is a red powder or cream used as a cosmetic for coloring the cheeks or lips. Of course, “Rouge Territory” is a dope ass name for a makeup startup, so if Rogue Territory co-owner Leslie Yeung is ever looking to make a move into slinging cosmetics, I think we just found the name.

See all the goods at Rogue Territory (no makeup currently available).


Smile Wool | Indigo Work Jacket

March 4, 2015




I really need a natural dyed indigo work jacket. Although I always feel a healthy amount of guilt when buying a ‘work’ jacket that I never really end up doing any ‘work’ in. Maybe I’ll get this one by Smile Wool and go chop some wood or something. I guess I’d need to buy an ax and/or maul as well and then find some tree to hack down. I’m just gonna be pissed if I drop 320$ and some rogue branch rips a hole in my loopback cotton fabric that has been naturally indigo dyed for a nuanced, rich color.

More details at Unionmade.



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