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Greats | “Beach” Pronto

October 29, 2015







Really into this new Pronto from Greats, colorway suitably titled, “Beach,” as who doesn’t have awesome memories of the beach unless you got really traumatized at some point on spring break after drinking way too many faux Mai Tai’s, as Karl certainly didn’t know how the fuck to make a Mai Tai but called it so even though he replaced the Curaçao with OJ which didn’t taste half bad but also got pretty nasty when you guys ran out of OJ and he started replacing the OJ with V8 but you kept drinking them anyway, cause, “SPRING BREAK” and all but then you woke up having shit yourself under the boardwalk and now that Drifters song, Under the Boardwalk brings back recurrent and distressful memories.

More images and info on the Beach Pronto at Greats.

Velva Sheen | Sweats

October 21, 2015








Isn’t it super rad sweats are sticking around and you can now viably wear them pretty much anywhere and not be looked at like you’ve been recently laid off and are living in your parents house basement and dating a girl named Melissa who brings you Chipotle and cigarettes on her lunch break but can’t leave without lecturing you on how she really wished you would get out of the house basement more and is worried that you might really be depressed and can’t break out of this cycle due to the inability to feel motivated to just apply for a new job coupled with how the joblessness makes you unmotivated and you’re all like, “Of course I’m depressed! I’m living in my parents house basement playing the GTA 4: Ballad of Gay Tony expansion pack my little brother downloaded on his PS3 he left here in 2009 over and over again just trying to avoid the further realization that my B.A. in Philosophy only qualifies me to run a podcast on how both The Right Hegelians and The Left Hegelians, aka Young Hegelians, both miss the mark on Hegelian philosophy and his work should best be understood as an expression of mysticism!”

More info on the Velva Sheen Sweats at Context.

Unionmade | Archive Sale

October 15, 2015












Unionmade is having a dope sale right now with the moniker, The Archive. Personally, I think they should’ve called it The Attention All Dudes Who Wear XXL Sale, as that’s about all that’s in stock at this point. So if you’re a big fine bro who likes to stunt that Americana, get your ass over to Unionmade as plenty of inventory is going for up to 90% off. If you’re a medium sized bro, you might still get lucky but don’t sweat it, as there’s still plenty of accessories to stock up on and a shit ton of Free & Easy mags for only $9 a pop.

East Dane | Friends & Family Sale Assemblage

October 13, 2015

East Dane’s Friends and Family Sale is up and running with 25% off storewide between October 13th through the 17th. While you may not be a friend or family member anyone from the ED crew, you can still take advantage of the site wide price drop with the code “INTHEFAM25” at checkout. Whether you’re looking to weatherproof your fall/winter wardrobe or just splurge on that big-ticket item you’ve talked yourself out of too many times, East Dane’s wide ranging inventory will have you covered. Take a look at a few of my favorite pieces in the Assemblage below and click out on the titles for further details and purchase info.

Loake 1880










Ovadia & Sons




The Kooples




Gitman Vintage


 J.W. Hulme




Tom Dixon


Han Kjobenhavn




Sleepy Jones


Details and sale specifics at East Dane.

Neighborhood | Cuff Trim Savage Stockman Denim Jacket

October 12, 2015

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Overtly washed denim jackets are basically hiring people to do the work for you. But come on, you do the same thing when you go to the butcher shop. Imagine for a second if you had to kill everything you were going to eat. Hell, the only wildlife I ever even see are squirrels and I’m not particularly fond of the idea of eating one, or killing one to then try and eat.

Anyway, this jacket from Neighborhood is washed as fuck and has a really long title, Cuff Trim Savage Stockman Denim Jacket, which can only mean that the good folks at Neighborhood think highly of it like rich people do when they name their kids really long names like Thurston Shepherd Howard Youngman IV or some shit. Also, if your name is Thurston Shepherd Howard Youngman IV, your name being referenced is merely coincidental. Also, also, if you name is Thurston Shepherd Howard Youngman IV, do you make your friends call you Thurst? Any Thurston’s out there, feel free to comment below.

More info on the Neighborhood Cuff Trim Savage Stockman Denim Jacket’s at End.

The Man & Le Mans

October 8, 2015

General Knot | Travel Case

September 29, 2015

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During a trip to Ireland, Rob packed all his personal items in a plastic grocery bag and upon unzipping at arrival all his clothes were covered with an odd shampoo/shaving cream mixture. I learned two lessons that day. #1. Carry on at all costs. #2. Get a damn good dopp kit.

Rob went on to simply tell everyone he didn’t really need underwear anyway and rocked a week + in Ireland commando. He also bought Guinness related attire that he pretty much wore the whole trip rather than find a way to launder his soiled clothing. I also learned a third lesson on that trip; don’t be friends with Rob.

Speaking of travel kits, check out the full collection of these at General Knot.


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