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Black Button-Up | Assemblage

March 2, 2014

Spring may be coming but don’t think that means you don’t need a black button up shirt. You do. Take a look at the Assemblage below to find one you can call your own. Click out on the titles for further details and purchase info.



Save Khaki


Rogue Territory


Comme des Garçons

Comme des Garçons

Paul Smith


Gitman Vintage


Band of Outsiders


3.1 Phillip Lim


Barba Napoli


Billy Reid | Adams Jacket

February 23, 2014




I don’t wear leather jackets because #1. I’m not that cool and #2. where I live is too hot. If I was brave enough and could procure some quality deodorant, this Adams Jacket from Billy Reid would get some major consideration.

I mean sure, the torso area is pretty short and if you’re tall it’d be more like a leather belly-jacket but that just gives you more incentive to get your ab game strong for spring time. And it comes with complementary delivery but if you’ve got 1500$ to drop on a jacket, shipping costs probably aren’t on your radar.

Info at Billy Reid.


Birkenstock | Tobacco Boston

February 18, 2014





Just put my feet back into these Birkenstocks from NS and it’s been awhile but these damn German clogs are precisely as I remember them from twelve years ago. And while I can’t say exactly why I’ve returned to the epitome of flower child footwear after all these years, I am glad to have them back in my shoe squad.

And now I have something else in common with my mother-in-law, who lives and dies by the B-stocks. But keep your eyes open, as if I start blogging about Coldwater Creek, please call for help.

Boston Tobacco Birks at Need Supply.


Nigel Cabourn | Indigo Camo Shirt Jacket

February 16, 2014

1 2 3 4 5

Nigel’s gear is always rad and somehow riddled with both peculiar and practical details but part of me wants this damn garment to make its mind up of whether it’s a shirt or a jacket (or indigo or camo for that matter). I guess bi-polar shirt-jackets are dope but I’m waiting on my boy Nigel to drop some schizophrenic underwear-pants conveniently named, “Commando Trousers.”

From End, “Inspired by pieces from his personal collection of original military clothing, which numbers over 4000 rare pieces, the Classic Shirt Jacket like everything in Nigel Cabourn’s Authentic collection is designed with particular reverence to authentic details. Constructed from a lightweight cotton canvas, this incredible respect for the production techniques of the past extends into this jackets authentic details, such as detachable buttons, utilitarian pocket set up and archive camouflage print.”

More info and photos at End.


Alden for Need Supply | Union Hill Indy Boot

February 13, 2014






These Indy’s are named after Union Hill, a historic neighborhood in Richmond that has a mix of antebellum, Victorian, classical revival, and modern architecture. I’m named after the movie, Jeremiah Johnson, a 1972 western where Robert Redford plays a jaded veteran of the Mexican War who retreats to the mountains only to find shit go down with a bunch of Native Americans. It’s suppose to be some kind of true story based on some dude named Liver-Eating Johnson, which is appropriate, since I love foie gras.

From NS, “Alden’s signature “Indy” Work Boot, made exclusively for Need Supply Co. Hand crafted from smooth tan colored suede, with a double oak tanned leather outsole and a natural storm welt Goodyear stitching.”

More photos and info at Need Supply.


Nike | Killshot 2

February 9, 2014


2 3 4

Ordered and returned these Nike Killshot sneakers and I’m super sad they didn’t work out for me. My beef was in the flat leather toe box, which was a little uncomfortable but don’t let my fucked up feet ruin it for you. Still in love with the overall look and the rubber gum soles add extra cool points. And coming in at a cool 70$, they won’t break the bank, unless of course your bank is still being stored in a ceramic pig.

Hit up J.Crew for more info.


General Knot | Linen Scarves

February 5, 2014

GK-0065b_grande GK-0065c_grande GK-0066b_grande GK-0066c_grande GK-0067b_grande GK-0067c_grande

Anytime I have to wear a thick ass scarf to survive some Siberian shit, I always miss lightweight scarves. While heavier fabrics like wool might keep you warm, they also can be itchy and look bulky wrapped around one’s neck. There is something about the tousled and unkempt way a lighter weight scarf drapes gently around a man’s neck with a devil-may-care elegance that a thicker material cannot reproduce.

Thankfully spring isn’t too far down the road and these new scarves from GK maintain that rare balance of minimal feel that can be paired with anything in your wardrobe yet is distinct enough to stand out from the crowd of loud and obnoxious plaids that too often flood the scarf scene.

Head over to GK for more details.



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