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Epaulet x Styleforum | Shell Cordovan Trainer

October 2, 2014


If you’re a Shell Cordovan fan, then these new trainers from Epaulet might give your bank account a seizure when you pre-order all five pairs. Just tried to convince my wife that I should collect the whole set and how they’d probably hold their value better than the S&P these days, but she wasn’t buying it. Menswear economics having failed me, I need another argument to persuade her. Think I’ll try weeping in the corner until she relents.

From Epaulet, “This particular Shell Cordovan hails from the Shinki Hikaku tannery of Japan. It is vegetable tanned for months to give it a supple hand and an even character. From there it is sent to the Comipel tannery in Italy to be dyed and finished. The resulting leather has remarkably deep color and a naturally glossy finish. Shinki Hikaku Shell Cordovan is lightweight and exceptionally supple – and is therefore uniquely well-suited to be crafted into a trainer.

The Epaulet Tennis Trainer is hand-made in Portugal with our own exclusive comfort last. Inspired by classic tennis shoes of the 1960’s, our trainer has a sleek profile, a low toe box, and perfectly rounded toe cap. An Italian-made gum-toned Margom rubber sole provides great traction and a cushioned ride. The sole is cemented internally and reinforced with 360° stitching to the upper. A kidskin glove leather full liner extends throughout the interior. Both whole and half sizes are available for a precise fit. They will be among the most comfortable pieces of footwear that you have ever owned.”

The pre-order is on at Epaulet.







The Hill-Side | F/W ’14 Sneakers

October 1, 2014






Nobody consistently does it better than the Hill-Side.  This time they are breaking out some F/W vulcanized Japanese hand-sewn sneakers made from fabrics like selvedge indigo, French “lizard” camouflage fabric and wool blanket material.  That sentence sounds like a symphony to shoe lovers.  And to top it off, they’re pretty much in the same ball park price range of a non-deadstock pair of Air Max.  I believe we all owe Sandy and Emil a round of applause.

Find the full collection at Hickorees.


Post Overalls | Nylon Taffeta DV Jacket

September 30, 2014



You ever just wanted to say, “Man, fuck it,” and just wear a black garbage bag as a jacket but couldn’t really figure out how to cut holes for your head and arms?  Shit gets tricky, as if you don’t position the scissors just right, your bag will offset and bunch up around the shoulders.  Post-O got your back with this new nylon black DV jacket.

There is nothing like staying relatively dry whist also telling the world, “I give up.”  Few other current clothing items fully embrace Tyler Durden’s maxim, “It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.”

At Unionmade.


Maison Martin Margiela | Reptile Reflective Silver Sneaker

September 29, 2014


Honest statement here, I’ve got Herpetophobia.  Nope, not the fear of herpes.  Fear of reptiles, for me it’s mostly snakes.  But I take solace that Indiana Jones was a quality adventurer with some pretty serious snake sensitivity, so I got hope in my heart.  I’ve been thinking of doing some exposure therapy (subjection to the feared object without any danger in order to overcome the fear) with these reptilian sneakers from Margiela.  Probably cheaper than seeing a therapist.

From End, “The 22 3M Reptile Reflective Mid Sneaker from Maison Martin Margiela is a re-imagining of the iconic running shoes produced in Germany in the 1970’s and has become one of the brands most iconic styles.  This bold, irresistibly eye catching new take on the Replica is made in Italy from full 3M reflective uppers set in a unique snakeskin inspired layout and sitting on top of a classic gum sole.  An endlessly fascinating material, 3M reacts to the level and direction of light around it, creating an aesthetic that is like no other.  Finished to the highest level, the Replica features a full lambs leather lining, the brands iconic stitch at the heel and an embossed tongue patch.  100% 3M Reflective Snakeskin Style Upper, Lambs Leather Lining, Gum Sole, Signature White Stitch at Heel, Embossed Suede Tongue Patch, Made in Italy.”

2 3 4




East Dane | Capsule Collection

September 28, 2014


Capsule collections are great, as shit’s limited and once it sells out all your “friends” can’t cop the same goods right after you snatch it up.  Jason will be all like, “Hey man, where’d you get that?”  And you can be all, “Oh, it was a capsule collection thing so it’s most def out-a-stock.”  Basically only wearing soon to be deadstock is the only way you can teach Jason to find his own personal style.

The 24-piece East Dane capsule collection celebrates the inaugural year of ED’s e-commerce and includes plenty of unique F/W items from 3×1, Brooklyn Tailors, Golden Bear, Gitman Vintage, Grenson, Miansai, Patrick Ervell and others.

Take a look at some of the images below and/or make your way over to East Dane to scout the entire collection and keep Jason off your stack.







Horween Leathers x New Balance M998DW

September 25, 2014


As you can clearly see from the images, Horween supplied the brown leather, and NB slapped that cow hide on the 998 with classic mustard yellow or ketchup red accents and a white trim.  If you can’t clearly see from the images, then you gotta get that internet upgrade my man, cause that slow connection’s killing your sneaker surfing proficiency.  That or you’re color blind like my friend Joe and you’ll just have to take my word for it.

If you’re one of the many willing to shell out 400$ on the most expensive NB’s in the history of NB’s, then save the date 10/1/14 for the drop over at Sneaker Politics and Oneness.














Kijima Takayuki | Felt Headwear

September 24, 2014

Shitty weird faceless mannequin images usually dissuade me 89% of the time but these Kijima Takayuki hats are D.O.P.E.  These are all made from beaver and rabbit fur, but I’m just gonna say they’re made without hurting the poor bunny or beav (but really they’re all probably dead).  Ethical treatment of animals (read: probably very, very dead animals) aside, Japan wins again at menswear.

It’s like when you played Street Fighter II as a kid with that one dude who was always Ryu who would always pound your sweet 6th grade ass into the ground.  I mean sure, you’d get close with Blanka every once in awhile and finally you’d try to beat him at this own game with Ken, the American version of Ryu, who was suppose to be exactly the same but he wasn’t!  Finally you just realized the game gave preference to Ryu.  You spent $80.75 in quarters to learn that lesson.  Then you just gave up and joined in using Ryu as well.  Today’s lesson, in the menswear game, Japan wins.  Just give up and join in.










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