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Sid Mashburn | Knit Tie

April 13, 2015


Just so you know, Sid’s got pretty much every color of knit tie you can possibly imagine and they’re the perfect width of “2.125 and they’re made in Italy and they’ll only set you back $75 and I know $75 is not necessarily a small amount of money and I shouldn’t just throw that around like it’s some amazing deal and the overuse of “and” is just my laziness and I’ve also not shaved in a week due to said laziness and spring really isn’t the traditional time to be growing back out a beard and I don’t really care because shaving is a pain in the ass and I just wanted you to know about these knit ties because I care that damn much about you and your neckwear being on point.

More colors and info at Sid Mashburn.

Rogue Territory | Natural Selvedge Denim

April 9, 2015





Rogue Territory just released their second batch of spring attire and leading the way is the 11oz sanforized ecru Japanese red-line selvedge denim from Nihon Menpu Mills. Personally, I think you should buy both the jacket and the trousers and wear them together like a denim loving Tom Wolfe.

From RT, “Ecru refers to the natural looking color you get from the unbleached unadulterated raw cotton fibers that are spun together to make the yarn. These fibers still maintain bits of the cotton husks that are usually sifted out before spinning. This denim is a 2×1 weave construction instead of the traditional 3×1 weave construction that you’ll find with most denim. There’s 2 great characteristics that you’ll find with this 2×1 denim. The first is the light weight which is perfect for warmer weather. A 2×1 weave uses 1 less yarn in the warp yarn, which lends to the lighter weight feel and shorter break-in. The second is the unique look of a less defined directional twill pattern due to the 2×1 construction. Additionally, this denim has a great vertical slub texture which will only become more apparent with wear. It’s these characteristics that make this denim so special.”

More images and info at Rogue Territory.

East Dane | Friends & Family Sale

April 7, 2015

East Dane’s Friends and Family Sale is up and running with 25% off storewide between April 7th through the 12th with code, “SPRING25″ at checkout. While you may not be a friend or family member to a damn soul from the ED crew, you can still take advantage of the site wide price drop. Now’s the time to stock up on spring staples that never go on sale individually or splurge on that big-ticket item you’ve talked yourself out of too many times. Take a look at a few of my favorite pieces in the Assemblage below and click out on the titles for further details and purchase info.





Gant Rugger




Billy Reid


Robert Geller


Gitman Vintage


Golden Bear






J.W. Hulme


Zespà Aix-en-Provence | #4 Sneaker

March 31, 2015










First off, I’m not going to go all into “these minimalist sneakers have the appearance of Common Projects” prattle that we’ve all heard and said and said and heard ad nauseum. There’s only so many ways you can make a minimal sneaker guys. At some point they’re all gonna have resemblances.

That being said, I don’t know about you, but when my sneakers are made in France, I like that to be as visible as possible, just like these #4’s from Zespà. Not a Francophile? I don’t know, buy something else or strike it out with a Sharpie. And my apologies for the moody post. When you write about French attire, you’ve gotta ratchet up the condescending tone to match the featured product.

More images and info at Need Supply.

New Balance 997 | Chalk Blue Distinct Weekend Bag Collection

March 29, 2015





Guys, red brick soles with chalky blue suede uppers on the 997’s are the stuff dreams are made of. Well, dreams and shoes. Actually just shoes, as dreams are made up of your subconscious thoughts and memories.

Anyway, these 997’s are from the Distinct Weekend Bag Collection, which are suppose to “evoke memories of iconic, waxed canvas bags overflowing with weekend essentials.” That might indeed be the most obscure and nonspecific “collection” I’ve ever heard of but I’m all in on it. Maybe NB will do their next collection based on Little Debbie Snack Cakes, featuring the 998’s in Oatmeal Creme Pies, Swiss Rolls, Zebra Cakes and Fudge Rounds. Tell me that wouldn’t be dope. And yes, I was chubby as a kid.

Price and purchase info at Context.

The Hill-side | Spring Sneakers

March 24, 2015







If you’re feeling ready to give your winter boots, well, the boot, the Bros. Corsillo just dropped some serious spring sneakers for your consideration. Not that you can’t wear sneakers in cold weather but you don’t want to lose a toe or two to frostbite. Winter blows, right? I mean, I guess you could lose a toe or two cutting the grass in the spring though. Man, toes are super vulnerable. Having only 8 or 9 toes would totally mess up your footwear fit. Not to mention, socks would also bunch up all uncomfortably around your missing phalanges. On the bright side, you’d never be tempted to wear sandals again. A man’s got to dig pretty deep to find a bright side to losing toes, but there you go.

More info on the Hill-side sneakers at Hickorees.

Alden for Epaulet | “Ironside Indy”

March 23, 2015




Any boot nicknamed “Ironside” better bring the thunder and these chamois Indy Boots certainly look the part. The color is technically called “Earth” which is suppose to be a dark brown that will lighten up with wear but I honestly I love the grey/black look from the images. Either way, these Commando sole chamois kicks make for one beautiful burly boot.

More details at Epaulet.


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