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Filson Restoration Department | First Arrivals

November 17, 2014

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If you missed word a few weeks ago regarding the Filson Restoration Department, have no fear as the first batch of their refurbished products just dropped today. And make no mistake, they are as well worn as they are glorious. Each item boasts a weathered material newly reinforced with fresh fabric and distinctive stitching to resurrect each item and avoid any Filson funeral.

Make your way over to Filson to scout them out but be ready to pay a pretty penny for the patina, as each item runs significantly higher than its mint condition doppelgänger.


Pistolero | Officer Shoes

November 16, 2014






If you’re longing for some PTB’s but don’t have a half a grand for a pair of Alden’s, then these Officer Shoes from Pistolero are for you. First off, they look formidable. And better still, the brand name Pistolero is fun as hell to say and if my Spanish is correct, it translates over to English: larger than normal penis. Wait, I just double checked that and it actually means pistol. Hey, that’s pretty cool too. My only beef is another item out there called “Officer” something. I know brands want me to think military when they call products “Officer” fill in the blank, but I just end up thinking of a shitty cop’s uniform.

From H, “Available exclusively at Hickoree’s. Hand-crafted in a small, family-owned factory in Mexico. Burgundy cowhide leather and Goodyear welt construction allows for full resoling, extending the life of the shoes. Vibram V-Bar outsole, designed for maximum traction on a variety of terrains including wet surfaces. Natural, unstained leather welt with leather insole and lining, five eyelets and comes with one set of flat laces and one set of round laces. Made in Mexico (Guanajuato).”

More info and images at Hickorees.


(Somewhat) Affordable Selvedge Denim | Assemblage

November 13, 2014

A friend in graduate school recently ask me for some recommendations for affordable selvedge denim options that wouldn’t break his already broken bank. Remembering my own graduate school budgetary woes, I thought it would be a good idea to give more than a cursory reply and feature a post on the range of selvedge denim that can be had for under $150.

A few words before you go to buy, keep in mind many brands often offer site-wide discount promotions ad nauseum which will keep even more cash in your pocket. That being said, if you are in the market for denim and trying to be cost conscious it’s always good to keep in mind the cost per wear ratio of a pair of jeans versus many other pant purchases. Over time even the most pricey pair ends up being a reasonable investment when you factor in how often you wear them.

I’ve not had hands on experience with many of these brands but plenty seem to offer U.S. made construction and quality Japanese denim for a fraction of the cost you might pay elsewhere. And while I can’t personally vouch for all the brands below, when a man’s looking for a bargain some chances have to be taken.

The Assemblage stays below the $150 price tag and features (mostly) raw and all selvedge denim from big and small brands alike that are currently available to buy (no pre-order/pay up fronts). If anyone has any firsthand knowledge of other affordable options, feel free to post a comment to spread the wisdom. Click out on the images for further details and purchase info.

Uniqlo | $49.90 (currently $39.90 under promotion)


Combatant Gentlemen | $70


Gap | $108 (currently under promotion for $76)


Brave Star | $79


Unbranded | $82


Levi’s | $118 (currently $83 under promotion)


Topman | $90


Banana Republic | $118 (currently under promotion at $110)


Naked & Famous | $140


United Stock Dry Goods | $140


American Apparel | $140


Solid Denim | $142


Polo Ralph Lauren | $145


Williamsburg | $148



Restoration Hardware | Destroyed Leather Sofa

November 11, 2014





Our Restoration Hardware sofa is one of my favorite things in our home. I’ve never second guessed buying it until they recently came out with this Destroyed Leather, which I’m in love with. Say what you will regarding manufactured patina but it would take you living with a pack of wolves to earn such abrasion and scraping details. I was able to get up close and personal with this one in the store last weekend and suffice to say that if you’re in the market for a sofa, this one’s a world-beater.

Better still, RH’s Friends and Family 20% off everything sale is happening. Move quick to Restoration Hardware though, as it ends today. I’m gonna go strap some Brillo pads to my kids and pugs to destroy our couch.


Oak Street Bootmakers | Suede Trapper Boot

November 10, 2014



Oak Street Bootmakers are back at it with, you guessed it, more boots. What else did you expect, they’ve got bootmakers in their freaking name. Anyway, these are made with Khaki Horween® Calico® waterproof suede. That’s a lot of ® so you know it’s gotta be damn good, right? ®ight.

I also like that their called Trapper Boots, as buying footwear with an outdoors designation lets me feel better about pretty much just walking to and from my vehicle.

From OSB, “The Horween® Calico® leather that was selected for this boot is a waterproof suede – developed for year-round durability. The Trapper Boot is the first time Oak Street Bootmakers has made use of the Vibram® 2060 sole. Originally developed for sportsmen, it provides a unique silhouette and is incredibly lightweight – allowing for all day comfort. As with all Oak Street Bootmakers footwear, the Trapper Boot is crafted by hand, one pair at a time – on a bench, in Maine, the old fashioned way.”

Head over to Oak St. for price and purchase info.


Rogue Territory | Officer Trousers

November 9, 2014






Here of late, anytime I’m in the market for a new pair of pants, I immediately gravitate back to Rogue Territory. This has been somewhat of a change, as I used to enjoy working in new brands with most pant purchases. But as I peruse the trouser section of my closet, I’ve noticed that more often than not they are the handiwork of Karl Thoennessen.

It’s not that other brands have let me down but simply put, I’m never as happy with a pair of pants as when I go with Rogue Territory. And when I was looking for a new pair of chinos for fall, I already knew where to look. I’ve been living in them for a week now and couldn’t be happier. The cut is slim without being too much so, the thickness is spot on with the 9 oz. twill and the craftsmanship is second to none. While I went with sand (seen above) they’re available in a myriad of colorations.

Make your way over to Rogue Territory for more details.


Adidas x Barbour Collection

November 6, 2014

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Adidas and Barbour have hooked up to make shoes and jackets. What the fuck else did you think they’d team up and make, scented candles? It’s Adidas and Barbour. Honestly, I’m only kind of into it. The shoes look nothing too special, although that olive waxed Adiwick jacket looks all kinds of good.

And the red Roubarb jacket reminds me too much of the one Michael Jackson had on in the Thriller video. Nothing against MJ and all, if that is your deal. I mean, I’m all for purchasing shit I wanted to wear as a kid and re-living childhood dreams as an adult through attire but in this case it’s the wrong MJ.

Price and purchase info at End.



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