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LVC | Zebra Shirt

February 4, 2014




It’s no longer about finding prints that help us hide from the animal kingdom (see camo) but identify with it (see zebra print above). Just get a better hair cut than dude the seen above. Shit looks awful.

Zebra at Très Bien.


Carhartt | Michigan Coat

January 30, 2014

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Are you tired of dumpster diving secondhand stores for old military-grade, camo attire?  Sounds like an infomercial doesn’t it.  Well, this coat looks like it should be sold on one.  Spent the last hour looking up the countries who clothe their military in blue camouflage.  Can’t find any except G.I. Joe.

I’ve always liked Carhartt and I think they have enough street cred to expand their product line to include more than just roadside construction wear (see Carhartt + A.P.C. collab).  Personally, I have owned a Carhartt jacket for about 10 years and the damned thing still fits me like a cardboard box.  But kudos to Carhartt for serving the 1% of their customer base looking for a hipper, slimmer version of the Carhartt classic that comes in the color combo “Camo Island and Metro Blue.”

Coming standard on this bad boy are luxurious features: 100% cotton, chest and side pockets, corduroy collar.  Shit you not, pockets AND a collar.  The only thing truly missing is Kayne’s face embroidered between the shoulder blades, but I’m sure you know a good tailor. New rule: friends don’t let friends wear camo anymore.

Army crawl to End Clothing for more info and to Hail to the Victors!


Air Jordan | 1 Mid Alternatives

January 29, 2014

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Maybe it’s just me but there’s something a little sacrilegious about being able to acquire Jordan 1′s in the same manner as one might approach a choose your own adventure coloring book. But at the same damn time, I’m really into it and flat out love the all white and all black versions of the inaugural shoe that pretty much started it all. And while I typically make it a rule to stick to the original variations when it comes to J’s, it feels good to break a rule every once and awhile.

More colors and info at Nike.


Sacai | Contrast Cotton Windbreaker

January 28, 2014





I’m not exactly sure what to call this oddly enchanting piece of clothing.  Shirtbreaker?  OCBWB?  I’m just gonna go with Contrast Cotton Windbreaker and call it a day, even though what is essentially a OCBD isn’t gonna do much wind breaking, so be warned of my shitty make believe moniker.

Aside from the function being pretty much worthless for anything other than just being a shirt, this Woosterstein’s Monster is a powerhouse in the form depo. And let’s all be honest, form trumps function everytime unless you plan on summiting the Adirondacks.

More info at Mr. Porter.


Nike | Neo Turquoise Flyknit Racer

January 26, 2014





Every time I consider buying any other sneaker, I find myself making my way back over to the Flyknit. This time, it’s the blue/red combo on the Racer that sucks me in. And while my lazy ass isn’t gonna be doing any racing in these, I still can’t wait to wear them sitting or walking. How come shoes that specialize in “walking” are only marketed to waitstaff and the octogenarian crowd?

All sold out on Nike so feel free to overpay on eBay like I did.


Reigning Champ | Heavyweight Fleece Blazer

January 23, 2014





This fleece blazer from Reigning Champ somehow merges my current day office wear with my previous life of high school sports domination. I have no shame that I earned my first varsity jacket for playing 3 years of Junior Varsity baseball. You want full disclosure, fine. I didn’t really “earn it” and the fit was similar to a baggy ass rental tux jacket but I still rocked that shit on the daily. Single tear that my pleather-sleeved, sand papery, wool coat has no place in the adult world and has taken up residence in a box in my parents’ attic and will more than likely never again see the light of day.

From Woodlands, “When renowned Japanese photographer and creative director Takashi Kumagai visited us in Vancouver, he designed this custom blazer with Reigning Champ’s signature Heavyweight Fleece. Kumagai was inspired to mix varsity style with tailored suiting, and this slim distinct pieces were the result.”

If you too are suffering from varsity blues then head over to The Woodlands and relive the glory.


Ages | Camo Vegan Leather Joggers

January 22, 2014






Unfortunately these “pants” actually exist. I think we’ve taken this sweatpants thing too far. Or this camo thing, either way, someone needs to do something. Been thinking for like, a 1/2 hour and can’t envision a scenario in which these “joggers” are appropriate that isn’t ironic.

And “vegan leather?” The info section says they’re made from 100% polyurethane, which I thought was used to stain wood on patio decks. Also, it says you can just throw ‘em in the wash but don’t believe the hype unless you want to ruin everything you own. And don’t forget the zip leg bottoms so you can, of course, put your shoes on before your appalling polyurethane pants. But my favorite detail is that they are simply “Imported.” I think they forgot to add “from Hell.”

More inauspicious info for the stouthearted (or masochistic) at Karma Loop.



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