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Dad Goals

September 24, 2015

FEIT | Hand Sewn High & Low

September 23, 2015

FEIT footwear intrigues the hell out of me with the unique use of leather and their minimal aesthetic but I’m honestly a little afraid of the foot comfort factor making me regret dropping over a half K on shoes I’ll be happy to look at but unable to pound the pavement in without bloodying up my feet. Again, I have no clue how they fit or feel, (they could be like jamming your foot into an angel’s ass for all I know) but I’ve been burned by footwear too many times to not be a skeptic.

It probably all goes back to how in the 5th grade my Reebok Pumps that I dreamed would make a chubby kid who liked watching Batman the Animated Series instead of practicing his jump shot profoundly better at basketball when in actuality all my Reebok Pumps did was make my drunken dad really angry that my mom paid over 100$ for shoes and made it harder for me to move my fat little feet since they were heavy as army boots.

Also, I’m not certain, but I think “FEIT” is pronounced “feet” so annunciate at your own risk.

So, in summary, I don’t know anything about these shoes.

Price and purchase info at Need Supply.

Oxford | Assemblage

September 17, 2015

While I’m technically in the fan column of OCBD’s year round, the summer heat often keeps them hanging in my closet until mid-September. Thankfully, that time of the year has arrived and the OCBD is back on my back. If you’re looking to add an oxford or two to your own collection, give a look at the Assemblage below. And keep in mind that while there is nothing wrong with going for the classic colorations of white and/or blue, just don’t sleep on the many other options one has when owning an oxford. Click out on the titles for price and purchase info.


Alex Mill

Gitman Vintage


Gant Rugger

Taylor Stitch



Norse Projects



Our Legacy


French Trotters


Marc Jacobs

Sid Mashburn


Billy Reid


Ball & Buck

Blitz Motorcycles | Riding September

September 8, 2015

Rogue Territory x Archival | Roll Top Denim Backpack

September 8, 2015





Sure, you wear jeans, own a sawtooth shirt and even do the denim jacket, but if you’re any kind of indigo enthusiast, you’ve gotta be asking yourself, “How can I further integrate denim into my daily existence?” Denim boxer briefs? Unique, but wise to pass on the grounds of possible likely crotch chafing. Denim socks? Interesting proposition but probably an outright painful experience. Denim umbrella? Not sure if it would techincally keep you dry. A raw denim towel? Might wipe the wet away but would leave you raw and blue. Denim backpack? We have a winner. Particularly this one from RGT and Archival made with 16.75oz Japanese selvedge slub denim with Horween leather accents and the heavy-weight waxed twill on the back to keep the indigo from turning every shirt you own blue.

More photos and info at Rogue Territory.

RRL | Azure Shawl Cardigan

September 1, 2015




Never not gonna love a shawl cardigan with a varying dark navy weave pattern. Look at this beauty from RRL. If you didn’t know, it could be brand new or 20 years old. And you will be thinking the same thing in another 20 years. Another bonus, it doesn’t have a ton of obnoxious buttons with anchors on them. Bonus #2, it’s 100% cotton, which is always a better choice than a heavy (and scratchy) wool version this time of year.

Get on it at Stag.

The Greasy Hands Preachers

August 31, 2015

Four Wheels Move the Body. Two Wheels Move the Soul.


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