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Yuketen | Beaver Hair Penny Loafer

December 14, 2014

Guys, these are the grizzliest shoes currently known to man. Italian Cortina lug sole, hand stitched, Horween leather and mothafuckin’ beaver tongue. Beav tongue, guys. I’ll be the first to own up to the fact that there is no way I could ever pull these off. I was gonna write about all the new Blue Blue Japan outerwear over at Unionmade but I click on “view 96 per page” and all of a sudden these sons-a-bitches blow up my Macbook and mind.

And don’t do the whole, “I don’t know, is it real beaver?” bullshit. Beavers are not your friends. If they could take all the wood from your home and leave you naked and alone, waiting for a cold death, they would. Beavers are ruthless beasts. Don’t defend them my refusing to wear their carcass to titivate your footwear.

If you’ve got the balls, they’re at Unionmade.

*Editor’s note: Beavers may or may not be evil creatures who ultimately want to murder your family.






Alden | Hanover Bal Oxford

December 11, 2014





Always a sucker for pretty much any Alden in Natural CXL and these Hanover Bal Oxford are no different. They sort of look like grandpa shoes but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Grandpa’s get to be generally crotchety about all things, including loud neighbors and today’s youth, in which I empathize. They also gather to eat at breakfast buffets and go to bed early; both big wins. And they don’t have to put up with people’s shit since they can just act like they can’t hear what you’re saying or just play the “I’m older and wiser, so shut the fuck up,” card. Prostate problems aside, being a Grandpa sounds awesome.

Exclusively at Need Supply.


The Collective Quarterly | Absaroka

December 10, 2014

The Collective Quarterly is another exceptional magazine that integrates a passion for design and a love for travel. But it’s also an exceptional magazine that integrates design and travel while uniqely incorporating designers and artists into the process. Essentially, the makers participate on the expedition and have their creation process documented. Each magazine then showcases the story behind all the details that go into producing product, from letting the locations inspire all the way to offering the products that were created on the journey.

The issue I destination is Livingston, Montana and titled, Absaroka after the northern edge of the mountain range that lies just along side Livingston. I can’t stop watching the video above, directed and edited by Duncan Wolfe featuring Jon Levitt’s poem, Horse Bones, being read by the author. Check out the magazine and wares at their shop after you’re done playing the video again and again and again.


Pendleton | Chief Joseph Blanket

December 7, 2014

Time to talk blankets again my dudes. In the wintery months you’ll get far more use out of a badass blanket than you would any shirt you own. Furthermore, there are times in a man’s life (hiking, picnic with the lady, football game, just generally being cold since you’re cheap as hell with turning on the heat, etc.) that you will need to break out a blanket. Why not have a first-class throw to call into duty when that time comes? This Chief Joseph pattern from Pendleton has both the heft and the history to be a worthy choice.

My man Chief Joseph was the Northwest’s Native American great Nez Perce leader. This blanket celebrates his memory and is one of the oldest blankets produced by Pendleton Woolen Mills. If I was ever celebrated with a blanket, I’d hope it’d be with woven jacquard that is reversible like this Chief Joseph action. My grandma made me a blanket once that had birds all over it. I mean, the birds were cool and all but it was too short to really cover both your chest and feet at the same time and it always smelled kind of funny. Small, smelly ass blankets are worthless. Sorry, grandma.

More details on the Chief Joseph Blanket, which is a sizable, 64″x “80 at Stag. I can’t confirm it’s odor.
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Unionmade | Tartan Collection

December 4, 2014

I don’t know about you but I like saying the word “tartan.” Go ahead, say it with me, tarrthun. Feels good, doesn’t it? It’s kind of like when you can actually pronounce a cool sounding French word correctly and you try to find ways to work it into conversation but end up forcing it and coming off as a huge dick. C’est la vie. But don’t let that stop you from checking out Uni-made’s new collection featuring the winter weather constant, featuring Gitman Vintage, Golden Bear, Begg and a few others.

All up at Unionmade.








Moncler x Dan Holdsworth | Blackout Collection

December 3, 2014

You guys, this Moncler X Danny H. Blackout Collection has mothafuckin’ mountains all over. That’s right, mountain prints are taking this whole camo thing to a whole new level, keeping you hidden from shit like snow leopards, polar bears, Wampa reptomammal creatures from the ice planet Hoth and the Abominable Snowman. I don’t typically climb steep, snow covered mountain sides, so I’m still waiting on the Moncler jacket that’s a camo-couch print.

Personally, I can’t decide of these are astronomically awesome or would just make you look like a human Coors Light can. Hit up End for more images to decide for yourself.



5 4P


General Knot | Personal Carry and Office Supply

December 1, 2014

We’re all privy to General Knot doing it big with all things tie related but they’ve recently expanded into other accoutrements to supply your vintage fabric fix. You’ve gotta have some bravado to carry a floral folio but don’t sweat it as they’ve got straight indigo offerings if you’re lacking in the machismo depo.

My freshman roommate Lucas literally only wore Hawaiian floral print shirts and he’s the boldest dude I’ve ever met. This one kid took his parking spot right in front of him in the parking garage and he doubled back around after he found another spot and stole the guy’s license plate right off his car. He also was known for whittling giant dildos out of wood and then hiding them in friend’s houses for their parents to find. My man could straight up make an eerily authentic representation of a human man’s cock out of pine. Floral prints and making homemade wooden penises is undeniably only for the lionhearted.

Take a look at the sampling below and make your way over to General Knot for more details.

GKC-003-Front_grande GKC-004-Fold_grande GKCN-001a_grande GKI-006-Main_grande GKK-001c_grande Tan_Open_f773df08-bdaf-4be2-813e-199e1fe20a86_grande



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