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Rolex Submariner | Cleaning and Reassembling

January 15, 2015

Certainly makes a man appreciate the mechanical wonder on his wrist.


General Knot | Winter Collection

January 14, 2015


I wear a tie to the office pretty much every day. While seen as extraneous by some, you should keep in mind that the tie covers one’s bulging shirt placket when the post-holiday weight adds additional stress to your shirt’s buttons. Wearing a tie, you’re now free to keep your paunch through the summer if you so choose. Slim fit shirts are a cruel master.

Hide your shame with the new collection over at General Knot.

GK-01232-full GK-00941-back-new GK-00935-fold



Russell Moccasin | Double Vamp Chestnut Chukka

January 11, 2015





You and I both already own a pair of chukkas. Ok, multiple pairs. But are yours double vamped? That’s correct, these chukkas from Russell Moccasin are officially hand sewn by not one but two vampires, thus the double vamp moniker. Ladies fucking love vampires and when you tell one that your newly acquired shoes were made by a tag team duo of bloodsuckers, you’re definitely not going to get a hot tall double skinny vanilla latte with extra whip thrown in your face. When she doesn’t respond to your vampire footwear comment by scalding you with an overpriced caffeinated beverage, you can continue conversation by telling her how you liked the Twilight movies but prefer Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles, and how River Phoenix was originally cast for the role of Daniel Molloy but overdosed four weeks before filming and she’ll most likely say how much she loves River Phoenix and then you can correct her and say, “loved, not love, as he’s dead.” She’ll probably get all dramatic and take offense but you really don’t want to kick it with a girl with bad grammar, do you?

Get the conversation going with the Russell Moccasin Double Vamp Chestnut Chukka, over at Context.


Land Rover Defender’s Last Ride

January 8, 2015


I’m a Land Rover lover. I own a LR4 HSE (Discovery in Euro markets) but have often considered making the move over to a vintage Defender. If I ever do make the switch, it’ll have to be vintage, as apparently the Defender is reaching the end of its journey.

For closing ceremonies, Land Rover is making three limited editions of the Defender, each honoring a different element and time period of the Defender’s history. Take a look at the photos below but don’t get your hopes up in acquiring one, as the Autobiography Edition, Heritage Edition, and Adventure Edition are limited to just 80, 400, and 600 vehicles and are probably all spoken for.













Finamore x Frans Boone | Japanese Denim Herringbone Storm Washed Shirt

January 6, 2015

1Frans Boone‘s got their storm washed Finamore shirt back in action and while I’ve never tried to wash any of my garments outside during a storm, I’m not too sure they’d come out looking like this one. I did, however, once ruin a pair of osso suede loafers by getting caught in the rain wearing them with a pair of raw denim. Maybe I should’ve put them shits up on Styleforum afterwards and called ‘em “storm washed.”

From FB, “This stormwash shirt was first made a couple of years ago and after we re-stocked it, we did a 3rd re-order and now the 4th re-stock is in. A Japanese herringbone denim shirt, that looks cool with a classic navy wool jacket and navy blue cashmere tie and silver waistcoat, on  white cord’s or slacks, or in summer time on olive turned up pants and sneakers. As this shirt is washed , every shirt is different and it might be a little lighter or darker compared to the shirt shown.”






Alden | “Bartlett” Green Suede Indy Boot

January 2, 2015




Unionmade‘s moving quickly to take all your money again in 2015, this time with these Hunter Green Suede Indy Boots. They’re called “Bartlett” Indy’s, which I can only assume is after the shitty ’07 movie, Charlie Bartlett, in which this rich kid starts playing psychotherapist and giving advice to all the other kids at school and it backfires and he ends up being hated. I forget how it ends but can also only assume that if you buy these, you’ll feel like a rich kid and start telling all your friends how to live and they’ll secretly despise you. So pretty much, nothing will change.


Holiday Hangover | Sale Assemblage

December 28, 2014

As I’m winding down the holiday season and this year is all but in the rearview, I’m thankful for all the family, food and fun I was able to take part in these past few weeks. Returning to the office this week, I’m coming in with a bit of a holiday hangover¹ and am sluggishly readying to re-enter the routine of the everyday. This lethargy usually presents itself around the year’s end and like any hangover, the cure lies in the hair of the dog that bit you² and in this case it means extending the holiday’s reach with some personal presents.

While I didn’t get a lump of coal in my stocking, I certainly didn’t unwrap everything I wanted this year. Thus, this post is overtly dedicated to battling back despair with overindulgence and blowing all that Christmas cash before the calendar flips forward. And with end of the year sales in full swing, now’s a great time for some fiscally poor decisions. If you too are looking to beat the blues by breaking your bank, take a look at the Assemblage below and click out on the titles for further details and purchase info.


¹ Both figuratively and in a literal sense. This is inevitably from the over consumption of alcohol in combination with the lack of sleep one doesn’t get when they share a bed with a rambunctious 2.5 year old for a week due to not enough available rooms on vacation.

² This metaphor for hangover treatment does not actually remedy a hangover. Any cure or feelings of restoration is most likely due to the placebo effect or possibly due to the nature of consumption which often involves a mixing of small amounts of alcohol with various juices which gives hydration and sugar back to the body. Nor does is work in its original signification from the 16th century of packing a wound with a hair from a rabid animal that attacked to cure the onset of rabies, thus the “hair of the dog” phrasing.

Oak St. Bootmakers


Bedwin and the Heartbreakers


New Balance


Gitman Vintage


Journal Standard






Baldwin Denim








Raleigh Denim




Engineered Garments


Han Kjøbenhavn






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