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Penfield | F/W ’14

November 4, 2014

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I’ve been a Penfield devotee for years and their latest F/W offering continue to kill it. And by “kill it,” I mean a provide a selection of cleverly crafted clothes with components that remain useful and strike that perfect balance between ornate and understated. Design details like snap breast pockets w/ multicolored trim, vertical zip closure chest pockets, elastic cuffs, and colorblock corduroy continue to put Penfield in rarefied air with price points that keep their gear procurable for the proletariat.

Check out the F/W ’14 collection for affordable greatness.


Shockoe Denim

November 3, 2014







You might be weary of denim these days but new brands keep cropping up and pumping out impressive jeans to meet market demand. The latest on my mind here of late has been Shockoe. Some of the particulars that set them apart include lock-stitch seams, serging inseams, double-pronged rivets, two-piece waistbands and free repair for the life of the jeans. That’s right, free repairs. Now you’ll never have to fear the crotch blowout again.

From Context, “Shockoe Denim was founded in October 2012 by Anthony and Pierre Lupesco, with the vision of bringing old-world luxury tailoring and craft to the men’s denim market. A small atelier was established in Richmond, VA, and has quickly grown to a full production workshop and retail store in the historic Shockoe Bottom neighborhood of Richmond. All of Shockoe Denim’s jeans are made by hand in a Richmond based workshop by a team of artisan craftsmen and skilled laborers.”

Find them at Context.



Woodlands | Standard Knit Hat

November 2, 2014







In the midst of all the Goodyear Welts, selvedge everything and all the hand sewn high specialization, sometimes I just want a well made yet understated product, not up its own ass, that will do its job and do it without costing me an arm and a leg. A knit hat is a perfect product example of such an item. I don’t need a lot of bells and whistles when it comes to a winter hat, just one that will hold up against the elements and look minimal enough that it remains relatively in the background while doing it. And Woodlands’ aptly named “The Standard,” is a knit hat par excellence.

From Woodlands, “We’ve always been fans of the saying “If you want something done right, do it yourself” but recently it’s taken on even greater significance. This year, we’ve focused more and more on sourcing and creating our own versions of items we love and return to. Case in point: the trusty knit cap. We searched hard to find a company that could help us bring a simple but crucial staple to life, in the way we wanted. Knit from 100% wool, the Standard comes in a medium length that can be worn rolled or flat. They are soft to the touch, have a bit of natural stretch and come in a range of rich, textured colors.”

Get it at Woodlands.


Oak Street Bootmakers | Suede Campus Chukka

October 29, 2014



Oak Street’s back in action with the recent release of these Suede Campus Chukkas. They’re made with waterproof suede, which is really, really nice since I tend to dribble piss all over my shoes, all the time. Prostate problems aside, if you do get these I’m pretty sure it’s still a bad idea to just let loose pissing all over them though. Mainly because of the yellowing effect your urine would have on the suede coloration, unless you stay really hydrated and your urine runs clear. If that’s the case, then have at it.

From OSB, “As a fine chukka, Oak Street Bootmakers worked in collaboration with Chicago’s Horween Leather Co, to develop a suede that is supple to the touch, yet durable enough to withstand years of wear. This was achieved by using full grain hides, and buffing only the flesh side of the leather – maintaining the hide’s full grain integrity. Finally, through a proprietary tumbling and oiling process, Horween was able to yield an incredibly soft, durable and most remarkably, waterproof suede.”

Free to take a piss and miss at OSB.


Filson Restoration Department

October 29, 2014


form•function•form | Proficio iPhone Wallet

October 27, 2014

1I hate iPhone cases. I so very desperately want to skip the case and go nude with my phone. It feels better without a case, looks better without a case and fits in my damn pocket better without a case. But after recently breaking my 3rd iPhone (#butterfingeredbro) I had to come to terms with slapping a sleeve on my iPhone. Despising every available option, I badgered Shawn long enough to construct one that turns the tide on my phone case abhorrence. Having the privilege to procure a prototype a few weeks ago, I’m one grateful guy with a well-protected phone that hasn’t sacrificed on function or form.

From FFF, “A single piece of Horween leather is laser cut, burnished, and hand stitched, with a flap that folds behind the phone to hold it in place, while leaving full access to all buttons, cameras, speaker, and plugs. You might leave home without your wallet, or even your keys, but with this minimal phone case you’ll still have the necessities.”

Coming in at 98$, it’s easily the best iPhone cover you’ll find on the market. Jump on it at form•function•form.

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Kapital | Kountry Collection

October 26, 2014






If you’re into the deconstructed/reconstructed boro cloth thing (which, of course you are) then Kaptial’s Kountry Collection is just for you. Well, not just for you, in the sense that other people can’t purchase it but take heart, as shit’s real expensive so at least those other folks that might wanna cop your boro indigo will be deterred for fiscal reasons. You, on the other hand, aren’t gonna let a little thing like credit card debt keep you out of that Kountry Kool.

And when brands purposefully misspell words, you only want it all the more ever since your 5th grade teacher would give you extra time after class teaching you to spell phonetically and caught you with a boner helping you spell “aqueduct” and just warmly smiled and whispered that she wouldn’t tell anyone. Mrs. Kennedy smelled like chalk and lavender and sure was one hot piece of ass.

Kapital Kountry at Unionmade.




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