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Epaulet | Unfinished Horsehide Trainers

June 25, 2015

I’m certainly guilty over the years of proclaiming many pairs of shoes as “must haves,” so you can curse me all you want for overusing such a designation but take a good look at these Unfinished Horsehide Trainers and tell me they are not gloriously in the “must have” category. Epaulet will produce 500 total pairs (leather from Italy and production in Portugal) and the preorder is up and running until July 3rd. But maybe the greatest news is the price point; the Tennis Low at $245, the Sport Trainer at $255, the Tennis High at $265, and the Full Court High at $275, which is far from absurd for what you’ll be getting. And while roughly $300 is no small amount of money, you certainly won’t be able to find anything anywhere near their quality and one-of-a-kind splendor anytime soon.

More info and images at Epaulet.

Post Overalls | Cruzer Short

June 24, 2015









Post O’Alls are all about making your life easier and breezier with these Cruzer Shorts. How, you ask? Well, my friend, Context (the store, not the actual context) tells us that they have an slimming but easy fit, which means they’ll not drape like baggy gym shorts but also won’t be so tight to cut off precious circulation to all important areas. In addition, they’re made from 64% cotton and 36% nylon and made with 100% love, which means they’re water resistant for when you get caught in a summer shower and don’t want to look like you urinated on yourself.

Get on it at Context.

Bedwin and the Heartbreakers

June 17, 2015


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I’ve never really met anyone by the name of Bedwin but I did know of this one dude in college named Edwin who was so insanely obsessed with the Green Bay Packers he would wear a giant plastic cheese head thing everywhere (keep in mind this was at the University of Tennessee and not U of Wisconsin). Dude would wear this giant cheese head to class, to bars, and even to college football games that had nothing whatsoever to do with the Packers. Dude became somewhat infamous around campus and had stories in the Daily Beacon (the campus newspaper) written about his cheese wearing pathology. It all came to a bitter end when it became a relatively popular pastime to aggressively yell at him when you spotted him around campus. I’m not really sure if his name was Edwin. Anyway, this Bedwin and the Heartbreakers collection is rad. If you are on any level considering procuring oversized, novelty sports memorabilia headgear, buy some of B and the H instead.

From ED, Since 2004, Bedwin has fused traditional American style with a collection of cultural influences. With a solid musical foundation, the Japanese label has produced reconstructed streetwear and formal pieces, adding casual, individual twists to refined, classic silhouettes. In 2007, “the Heartbreakers” was added to the name, reflecting the artists and albums that inspire each season’s designs and bring Bedwin and the Heartbreakers clothing to life.”

See more of the collection at East Dane.

998’s and the J.Crew Slump

June 16, 2015

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You’ve probably recently read the NY Times article regarding J.Crew’s slump and the “Great Man Dilemma.” Personally, I get it. Somehow at the same damn time I love J.Crew but never want anyone out there ever commenting, “Oh, is that J.Crew?” If you’re wearing J.Crew you are no longer any where near the cutting edge of the menswear scene and more likely to be dressed in the same attire as any number of gents you’ll run into. Oddly, everyone loves J.Crew and being popular to such a wide base seems to hurt their popularity. Ironically, most every guy who now only wants to wear special, limited edition clothing most likely cut his teeth on J.Crew as his gateway menswear addiction. But that same guy then begins to be introduced to other brands (often even from J.Crew’s in-house “In Good Company” line) which leads him further into specialty menswear and further away from J.Crew.

These absolutely stellar 998’s are the perfect example. This might be the best make-up of the 998’s I’ve seen and at the same time in the back of my mind I know they’re J.Crew, which is limiting. I can already see myself copping a pair and then running into 5 other guys who have the same pair (which feels like death to those who obsess over footwear). I can already have the conversation in my mind with all the dude’s saying, “Yeah, I saw those at J.Crew.” Sadly, that makes me want to pass on these beauties. I know it’s a stupid reason to pass but for guys like me, J.Crew is too popular for their own good.

Still, you should grab these now at J.Crew.

Gitman Vintage for Unionmade Collection

June 14, 2015










U-made just dropped their deepest collection of GV yet. Better still, this collab includes some indomitable suits, jackets, and knit ties and for the sartorially adventurous, a kimono fabric cummerbund set. If you happen to be getting married this summer, surprise your bride to be and break this bad boy out on your wedding day to set the precedent for all the future occasions you will make ill-considered attire choices of which she disapproves.

See the full collection at Unionmade.

Father’s Day Gift Guide | Assemblage

June 7, 2015

I know, I know, another Father’s Day Gift Guide posted out there in the void of nothingness that is the internet. Don’t think the irony is lost on me that you good folks reading are the one’s hoping to receive the type of items below but in all likelihood your wives and children aren’t avid readers and are probably going to get you an electric razor or a pair of boxer shorts this year. I can’t change that, but do yourself a solid and nab something for yourself this year. Maybe something in the Assemblage below will pique your interest. If fatherhood for you is anything like it is for me, you deserve it. Click out on the titles for price and purchase info.

form•function•form iPhone Wallet


Superga Sneakers

The Hill-Side Panama Hat


Gant Rugger Shawl Blazer


Orlebar Brown Swim Trunks


Woodlore Shoe Trees


OSB Trail Oxford


A.P.C. Candle


Raen Sunglasses


Apolis Market Bag


Juniper Ridge Room Spray


Baxter of California Soap


First Settlement Cordovan Watch Strap

Soludos Espadrilles


Thomas Riemer Driving Gloves

S’well Bottle


Narragansett Belt


On Beer & Food Cookbook


Sid Mashburn Raw Silk Tie

Manicure Set


New Balance M998CSB

June 4, 2015

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Like any red-blooded American, I love the 998’s. I don’t really know if it’s the overall comfort as an actual shoe (imagine that) or the aesthetic that merges suede, plastic and mesh in some haphazard way that looks a touch odd yet lends itself for contrasting colors and materials that all somehow integrate beautifully. Throw them at me in a new coloration featuring reds and blues and label said coloration as a “special edition,” namely part of the “Connoisseur Summer” pack, and I’m sold.

More images, price and purchase info at End.


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