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CHUP Socks

January 19, 2014

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I know, I know, a post about socks? But it’s been cold as a welldigger’s ass and even those of us in the sockless set have been breaking out the cloth foot coverings (aka socks) here of late. And if you’re gonna wear socks (which, it’s winter and you should be) don’t just pull those thin ass Lauren Ralph Lauren one’s out your mom got you from T.J. Maxx. Get your dogs into some Sherpa approved harlequin shit from CHUP. (*Editor’s Note: CHUP socks have yet to be officially approved by the Sherpa people).

From Haven, “CHUP “Classical Human’s Universal Peace” is an in-house original brand by Japanese textile and sock manufacturing specialists, GLEN CLYDE. The company has been working closely with retailers and other brands since 1993 to produce high quality socks. Each sock is originally designed in-house with ethnic inspirations from all over the world; including various motif patterns, family emblems, and textiles. In their pursuit of “earth-friendly” products CHUP utilizes recycled Eco Yarn in their production. Each sock is produced with a special stocking frame machine to offer comfortable and perfectly shaped socks. Due to the complex designs and efficiencies of this machine CHUP socks are produced in limited numbers.”

Plenty to pick from at Haven. Just think of them as foot gloves.


Need Supply | New Balance 997

January 18, 2014




When the NB 997 made their maiden voyage in 1991, I was in sixth grade.  By that time, I had already sold my soul to Nike, but my dad on the other hand was chomping at the bit to wrap his hairy size 12’s in luscious grey suede.  I was with my dad when he bought his first pair of NB’s.  Mom was yelling at him that they were too expensive and couldn’t understand why he just wouldn’t buy a pair of Nikes.  Dad sitting on one of those little shoe benches at Foot Locker looked at my mom and with fire in his eyes said one sentence that neither my mom or I could counter, “They are made in the USA, that’s why the fit is so good.”  BOOM.  DAD OUT.  I left the shoe store learning two important truths: 1) Men run in New Balance and 2) Craftsmanship and USA-made products trump a price tag.

Now NB is going to sell you on the fact that the 997′s merge shock absorbing ENCAP and C-CAP technology providing mid-foot support, blah, blah, blah.  I think that science was around by 1991, but by looking at these shoes I am hard-pressed to find any form of technology integrated in this 14-pound running shoe.  I know what you’re thinking: they’re four different colors of grey, their logo is a fucking letter of the alphabet, and they are not selling them at 1991 prices.  Here’s why you look past Strike 1, Strike 2, and Strike 3…the grey-out NB 997′s are shoes a MAN wears.  You want to be a man don’t you?

Technology is dead on these shoes, but they will lead you from boyhood to manhood.  If you have a son or ever plan to have one show him how it’s done.  Moral of my boyhood story: The no-frills grey suede/white laces combo will be noticed, they will last forever, and even if the tongue said “Made in Bangladesh” these would still be bad ass shoes.

Get over to Need Supply and check out a pair of the NB 997’s and tell them every middle-aged man that loves USA sent you.


Uniqlo | Selvedge Denim

January 15, 2014

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When Uniqlo called to tell me about their new selvedge denim for $49.90 from Kaihara Mills (and by “called to tell me” I mean I stumbled across them yesterday on their website while stocking up on cheap underwear) I didn’t believe it. Taking a look at the images, the jeans actually look pretty damn legit.

I’ve always wondered if lower cost selvedge (see Gustin) or mass retail chain producers (see Gap) would be the death of the raw selvedge craze but let’s be honest, those days are already many miles in the rearview mirror. Today wearing raw selvedge is about as original as wearing Diesel jeans, but that doesn’t discount the simple fact that they are still the most viable option for anyone wanting down-to-earth denim with minimal embellishments.

Personally, I can’t see any harm in the ubiquitous use of raw selvedge for the everyman. Of course, historically jeans were simply hard wearing pants worn by factory workers. And thanks to Uniqlo, now current day factory workers can afford to purchase selvedge denim.

Move over to Uniqlo for more info.


Alden for Epaulet | Concord Captoe Boot Navy Chromexcel

January 12, 2014

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Blue boots won’t care if your raw denim rubs all up on them. Wait, you’re only wearing tapered sweatpants now? Look at you, you progressive bastard. Well, they’re Goodyear welted and handmade. Oh, you just wear Flyknits and Woven Desert Chukkas now? Hell. How about the outsole having a double “Waterlock” sole? You get most of your food delivered now so you don’t have to leave the house. Does Taco Bell deliver? Fine, Sean Combs would never wear these and your greatest goal in life should be to try to keep as much sartorial space between you and Puff Daddy as you can.

From Epaulet, “One of our all-time favorite Alden make-ups, this perforated cap-toe boot has an array of distinguishing features. The handsome alternating brouging on the toe is perfectly balanced by the bright brass eyelets and sets the style at the meeting point between casual and formal. The upper is done in Horween’s navy blue chromexcel leather, an eye-catching color in a waxy, tough finish that will age beautifully and last for years. The classic double leather sole is refined enough for formal wear, but tough enough to take on asphalt, sidewalk, and trail in stride.”

Jump over to Epaulet for more details and purchase info.


Hickoree’s | A-1 Moto Jacket

January 8, 2014





Leather is über Über on jackets but godawful as pants. Leather is also made from the skin of hoofed beasts but wolves eat hoofed beasts all the time and they are doing super well on Tumblr. I see a wolf around every 7.8 images on Tumblr, so obviously this jacket will solve all your self-esteem problems.

From Hickoree’s “The Hickoree’s A-1 Moto Jacket is inspired by an early 1920s US Air Force flyer’s jacket prototype that eventually developed into the Type A-1 flight jacket officially issued in November of 1927. The prototype was distinguished by the use of knit wool ribbing on the collar. Our version also incorporates construction details from 1920s motorcycle jackets, such as longer, roomier sleeves and a shorter hem that would allow for comfortably leaning forward on a motorcycle. The jacket features two-tone horsehide leather, a design element inspired by the first prototype flyer’s jackets that were manufactured using a combination of different leathers depending on available resources.”

More details at Hickorees.


Air Jordan | 3Lab5 Infrared

January 5, 2014

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As I type this out, these Jordan’s go on sale at End in 5 hours and 3 minutes. That means if you are reading this on Monday, they are already sold all the way out unless you are one of those dudes that wear a size 8 or 13. Sure, the small or the tall might be able to move on one of the last pairs but I’m not certain that I would consider them necessarily lucky.

I mean, sure the elephant skin is dirty dope and the Jordan V is one of my favorite renditions of wanting to be like Mike. And when I was eleven those butterfly lace locks were the stuff dreams were made of right behind bikini posters of Kathy Ireland. But guys, am I batshit crazy for not vibing on the red/orange/pink trim? Maybe they look better in person, but if that peach/pussy color is “infrared” then I need to get my eyes checked.

If you’re all in either way, head over to End to get in line.


Gitman Bros Vintage | Spring ’14

January 2, 2014










That’s right, GBV Spring ’14. I know what you’re thinking. “But it’s January. Early January.” But how else are you gonna be first up to bat with that La Flor print before someone in your crew snatches it up? You can’t buy that shit after your boy Fritz gets his mitts on it. You know errrrybody will be, “Oh yeah, that’s that shirt Fritz has.” You can’t be all, “Fuck Fritz, he can’t even spell OCBD. I BEEN WEARING GITMAN V SINCE ’93!”

Scooping up GBV prints ain’t like 3sixteen’s “the last shall be first” slogan. When it comes to GBV’s Mon Chou Chou print, THE FIRST SHALL BE FIRST!

Give winter (and Fritz) the bird at Need Supply.



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