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New Balance | 585 Grey

July 27, 2016

Oh, you don’t fuck with any NB’s under 800’s? Well let these 585’s dance all over your shitty shoe regulations and make you reconsider your NB numerophobia. Real talk, why does NB always use numbers to designate their varying shoes? I don’t have a problem with it or anything, it’s actually a pretty simple and straightforward way to label the different models. I suppose I could just copy/paste the sentence, “why does NB always use numbers to designate their varying shoes?” from two sentences above into Google to find out, but I’m a busy guy, so someone else do it for me and put it in the comments below. K, thanks.

Price and purchase on these NB 585’s at Need Supply.

East Dane Extra 25% Off Sale

July 22, 2016


East Dane’s got a nice 25% extra off sale running with the code “FINAL25” getting you further discounts on their summer sale section. ED carries just about everything a man needs regarding his attire, so now’s a good chance to stock up on some summer favorites or grab what you’ve been holding back from on discount. Below are a few items I own and enjoy that you can now get for a steal.

Garbstore Trousers


Gitman Vintage Popover


3X1 Denim


AMI Shirt


Apolis Linen Shorts


CAMO Trousers


Ernest Miller Hemingway | Paragon

July 21, 2016

Few men represent man in the eyes of men quite like Ernest Hemingway. And while it wouldn’t be wise to emulate Hemingway’s raucous personality or his notorious issues with relationships, here on his 117th birthday, let’s celebrate the verve in which his prose and persona reflected a certain masculinity we could all still learn a thing or three from even all these 117 years later.

Kapital | Sarouel Nouvelle Shorts

July 20, 2016




I’m usually a hearty supporter of all things Kapital but these Sarouel Nouvelle (translation: New Harem) shorts meet all the criteria for a denim dumpster fire. Extreme dropped crotch to the point of looking like you could hide a fucking rib roast near your junk? Check. Infamous tag team of Denim + Shorts? That’d be a check. Trousers trying to be jogging pants? Bonus double check as these are trousers trying to be jogging pants trying to be shorts somehow with a cuffed bottom, which would most likely hug your thigh like a trussed pig and cut off circulation to the rest of your legs. Maybe, and I mean maybe these could work on my man Peter Dinklage, but they’d be pant length for him and most likely still a train wreck, even for Tyrion.

To any of my friends reading, I will pay the $372.00 asking price and buy these for you if you promise to wear them out with me so I can laugh my ass off at you all night when everyone keeps looking at you like you’re a failed Ukrainian trapeze artist who’s now living out of a pick up truck but tells everyone he’s “just sleeping under the stars” and is without all the burdens of societal obligations but everyone knows he’s full of shit and smells like it too due to the whole living out of a truck scenario.

But if you’re into the homeless Ukrainian circus performer thing, find them at Unionmade.

Suede Chelsea Boot | Assemblage

July 11, 2016

Few boots can do double duty like the Chelsea. Pair them with with a suit for business hours and/or with denim after-hours, they will wear well. And while the Chelsea Boot has seen quite a resurgence here of late, don’t let roller coaster ride of what’s in our out dictate your opinion of the timelessness of the Chelsea Boot. Yet some of the recent design iterations with varying suede colorations and crepe soles have certainly brought a fresh look to the enduring classic. If you’re in the market for your own pair, give a look to the options in the Assemblage below and click out on the titles for more details and purchase info.

Rag & Bone


Sid Mashburn


Paul Smith


Common Projects




Bottega Veneta


Loake 1880




To Boot New York




Nike | Air Pegasus ’92 Premium

July 7, 2016

I was twelve years young in 1992 when these Nike Air Pegasus originally debuted and back then I thought whatever shoes I had on gave me transubstantiated powers of professional athletes intrinsically disseminated through my body from the rubber and plastic based on the sport that the shoe was produced to support. I also believed that whatever shoes I had on was a definitive barometer of the pecking order on the largely unspoken and unwritten “cool list” that exists in every middle school on the planet.

And while I still somehow believe shoes determine one’s distinction in society, I’ve mostly given up on the idea that a pair of sneakers can truly change the congenital defects of being a slow, white man of average height and build with little to no athletic prowess save reasonable hand-eye coordination that only ever translated to being a mediocre junior tennis player, which Father Time and lack of consistent cardiovascular exercise has diminished to the point of extinction, somehow a very small part of me holds out hope that the right pair of shoes can still transform this feeble frame into a demigod.

With that in mind, look for me at the Rio Olympics in these Air Pegasus 92’s from Need Supply.

Gitman Vintage | Bucket Hats

July 5, 2016

Here are some Gitman Vintage Buckets if you’re fearless in the face of Gilligan jokes. I can’t really do the bucket hat thing. Not because of Gilligan. I don’t really wanna get way into it but as a kid my neighbor, Dale, would flash all the kids on the way home from school wearing basically his bathrobe and an old bucket hat. Since then, buckets give me bad vibes. I mean, we did get some nice payback and throw a brick through Dale’s window one day he was flashing us and that shit shattered into a million pieces and probably cut ol’ Dale’s cock up pretty badly, as he never whipped it out and showed it to us ever again but nevertheless, I still can’t get with the bucket hat.

If you’ve not been scarred from childhood, you can find the GV Bucket Hats at Unionmade.