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Nike | Tennis Classic Ultra Flyknit

June 1, 2016

Nike just threw down one of their best Flyknit iterations to date with the Tennis Ultra. If you’re like me, you’re already to proud owner of a few Flyknit variations, but up to this point all have skewed more athletic than casual. And while these have “Tennis” in the moniker and wouldn’t exactly be uncomfortable to hit balls whilst wearing, their primary usage would most likely be off the court.

Head over to Nike for more details and images.

Hickoree’s | Memorial Day Sale

May 27, 2016

Hickoree’s has a nice 25% off site wide sale through Monday with code, “MEMORIALDAY” that you should give a go. Tons of Hill-Side goodness to get that rarely goes to discount, so give it a virtual visit this long weekend.

Summer Sneaker | Assemblage

May 24, 2016

The athletic sneaker has never been more aesthetically accepted as part of a man’s wardrobe and I, for one, am more than happy about it. While I don’t pull on a pair at the office, you can pretty much find me in some version of an athletic shoe in any and every other part of my life. From higher end fashion houses to enduring brands from childhood, the right athletic sneaker offers casual comfort and makes for the perfect summer shoe. If you’re looking to upgrade from your existing pair(s) or simply adding on to your collection, take a look at the Assemblage below and click out on the titles for price and purchase info.




New Balance

White Mountaineering



Neil Barrett

Puma Select



Stussy | Packable Jacket

May 23, 2016

Stussy is one of those skate brands that’s been able to reach relevancy across many isles of menswear. I remember wearing it with the likes of Alien Workshop and Flip damn near 20 years ago when the only wear that mattered to me was skatewear. Indeed times change and men age but Stussy is still here. Sadly, I probably couldn’t even stand up on a skateboard now. Still, Stussy can call my name. One doesn’t usually think of timeless attire when thinking about skatewear but oddly enough this Stussy packable jacket has enough cool to transcend time.

Live that ’96 life over at End.

Patterned Shirt | Assemblage

May 19, 2016

Short sleeved shirt varieties can be tough to pull off as we look to beat the heat. Opt for a too formal approach and you’ll give off a door-to-door religious zealot feel, yet too uncouth and you’ll look like you’re pre-gaming for a Jimmy Buffett concert. But when used appropriately, few items of attire give off the nonchalant summer vibe like a uniquely patterned shirt. From well fitted floral prints that bring a much needed levity to any and every warm weather ensemble to tailored item/scene patterns that look just as home on a night out as they would on a Hawaiian beach, the patterned shirt is the perfect summer partner. If you’re in the market, take a look at the Assemblage below and click out on the titles for price and purchase info.



Beams +


Our Legacy




Gitman Vintage






Alex Mill




Sid Mashburn


Rough and Tumble


Native Youth


UNIS | Emmett Short

May 9, 2016

As it’s getting hot, like it or not, you’re gonna need to show some leg and break out the shorts. I can’t think of an item men screw up with as much as the chino short. The problem typically comes down to either the cut (too baggy) or the color (too garish). Thankfully, UNIS is making things super easy on us with the Emmett. Right above the knee in every basic color a man needs. Go buy any and every color you like. Your short shopping is now done.

Price and purchase info at UNIS.

Nudie | Picnic Blanket

May 5, 2016


Summer is coming and I know you’re chomping at the bit for picnic season. Certainly nothing is better than sweating it up while trying to eat food that is quickly melting and getting attacked by insects. Just make sure you get to walk really far carrying an awkward ass wicker basket to dine all al fresco. I guess you could still go outside and eat without a denim picnic blanket but why the hell would you?

Get on this bad boy at End.


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