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July 4th Sales | Assemblage

July 1, 2016

July 4th is always a time filled with family fun, grilled meats and discounted clothing. Here are a few favorite places to tread if you’re looking to capitalize on the end of summer sales. Click out on the titles for more details.



East Dane




Taylor Stitch


Oak St. Bootmakers


Mr. Porter


Billy Reid


Imogene + Willie




Brooks Brothers


Ralph Lauren


NikeCourt x RF Off-Court Collection

June 22, 2016

Few athletes transcend their sport quite like Roger Federer. As the all-time mens leader in Grand Slam titles with 17 (and hopefully still counting) both the brand and the man “RF” is beloved. If you’ve ever been to a ATP tourney, you quickly understand who the fan favorite is as over half of any stadium is a sea of RF hats in a myriad of colors.

But as Federer seems to be entering the twilight of his illustrious career, it’s somewhat sad to imagine pro tennis without Roger. A Wimbledon without RF’s dominance, let alone his participation seems to be hard to imagine. Certainly age finds us all, but it’s nice to see RF showing us a glimpse of his off the court capabilities in the athletically inspired design world with this NikeCourt x RF Off-Court Collection. It’s good to know RF, both the brand and the man, will still be around long after Roger hangs up his tennis shoes but hopefully keeps designing them.

More images and info at Nike.

Atalaye | Swim Shorts

June 15, 2016

If you are getting ready to hit to beach or post up poolside this summer, swimwear is a current need. Swim trunks can be a fickle thing. Depending on how often you attend the gym and/or avoid the drive-thru, certain suits are off limits. The ubiquitous board shorts typically fit well around the waist, but tend to make men look 10 years old and 4 feet tall. If you’re in the market, these from Atalaye find the perfect balance between design details and knee length.

From the U, “Inspired by the beautiful surroundings and unmatched elegance of Biarritz, the beautiful beach town on France’s Atlantic coast, Atalaye creates swim trunks that are unmatched in quality and style. Expertly tailored in Portugal to the highest of standards, these shorts are exceptional in every way.”

More details and images at Unionmade.

Objects and Items Most Dads Would Most Likely Enjoy Receiving for A Father’s Day Gift Gift Guide

June 12, 2016

While being a father is one of the great joys of human existence, when you become a dad you quickly come to the realization that, with the exception of Father’s Day, all holidays and special occasions of any kind no longer belong to you on any level whatsoever and indubitably never again will for the remainder of your life regardless of the number of children you have or the age(s) of said child(ren).

Indeed halloween is no longer a time to dress up in an idiot costume and join your friends, also dressed in idiot costumes, to frequent local bars and basically be idiots, in idiot costumes, but now a day dedicated to your child’s very own costume and candy collecting. Thanksgiving is now not about eating and endless hours of football, as you are now tasked with cooking, cleaning and sharing the television. Christmas, you ask? On no level whatsoever is Christmas now about you, other than the ability to assemble play kitchen sets and/or motorized power wheel vehicles (while also cooking, cleaning and sharing the television). With kids in the mix the 4th of July involves sippy cups, sparklers and anger toward your neighbors who shoot bottle rockets and wake your kids up after you’ve worked so diligently to put them to bed. In other words, say goodbye to beer and fireworks and pretty much any other holiday festivities in which you might have a day off work, as you can bet your kid(s) will be joining you in whatever fun you probably shouldn’t have bothered even planning in the first place now that you are, undoubtedly, a father.

But still, the one beacon standing ever so brightly in which you most excitedly get a day that isn’t commandeered by your children; Father’s Day. And if you do have kiddos, given the givens, you should be looking to clean up on Father’s Day. With that hope, here’s a few objects and items to point your family towards so you don’t end up with a gift that is homemade or procured from Home Depot. Hey, I like my kids finger paintings and oddly shaped origami as much as the next dad, but save that shit for Christmas. Let the family know to bring their A gift game on Father’s Day. Click out on titles for price and purchase info.

Aesop | Set


Baxter of California | Razor Set


LAFCO | Candle

General Knot | Travel Bag

Areaware | Drink Stones


Rogue Territory | Cap

Persol | Sunglasses

The Hill-Side | Coffee Mug

Marshall | Bluetooth Speaker

Makr | Magazine Rack


Filson | Duffle Bag

FFF | Cordovan Button Stud Watch Band

Drake’s | Tie

Apolis | Market Bag


Monocle | Travel Guide

OSB | Footwear Valet Kit


Tom Dixon | Coffee Maker


Jacob Bromwell | Flask

J.W. Hulme | Passport Wallet


Kershaw | Pocket Knife

Apolis | Linen Shorts

June 8, 2016

Few shorts feel and look better than the cotton + linen combo. All the breathable benefits of linen with the drape and feel of cotton make for ideal casual wear all summer long. The right above the knee fit and social advocacy of Apolis make these a home run. The fact that they’re currently 40% off at East Dane make them a slam dunk. Wait, did I just mix sports metaphors? Well, you get the idea.

Mr. Porter Semiannual Sale

June 6, 2016

Few online storehouses offer sale selections quite like Mr. Porter’s twice a year sale spectacular. Don’t read anymore of this paragraph and jump straight over to the Mr. Porter semiannual sale. If you’re still here, you should know that you’ll be hard pressed to find brands like Common Projects, Visvim, Drake’s and A.P.C. making any sale section. Oh, you fancy? Well, how about Brunello Cucinelli, Boglioli, Tom Ford, John Lobb, Isaia and/or Thom Browne? Good luck finding that Brunie Coochie or Tommy Fjord marked down in any size a human man can wear pretty much anywhere else that isn’t shuttering business. If you’re still reading this considering whether or not to click on over, check out some of the wears below to settle the issue once and for all.

Nike | Tennis Classic Ultra Flyknit

June 1, 2016

Nike just threw down one of their best Flyknit iterations to date with the Tennis Ultra. If you’re like me, you’re already to proud owner of a few Flyknit variations, but up to this point all have skewed more athletic than casual. And while these have “Tennis” in the moniker and wouldn’t exactly be uncomfortable to hit balls whilst wearing, their primary usage would most likely be off the court.

Head over to Nike for more details and images.