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Alden | Camp Moc

August 20, 2016

Camp mocs are the captain of the dad shoe game. If you’ve put your cock inside a woman and got her pregnant and are now helping raise that child, camp mocs might be for you. I know what you’re thinking, “Wait a hot minute, aren’t boat shoes the captain of the dad shoe game?” Just because boat shoes have a watercraft in their name doesn’t necessarily make them the captain. And if you’re in the market, camp mocs get no better than these CXL versions from Alden.

Price and purchase at Leffot.

Common Projects | Crepe Sole Chukka

August 16, 2016

Yes, it’s a given that you and I both want all the Common Projects. And if you’re lucky enough to have an infinite supply of income or are willing to take on some debt, just buy them all and be done with it. Yes, even the blush pair. But the real issue for those of us who are limited by things like our monetary situation is narrowing down which pair or two we can cop. Ok, maybe three pairs. And while the Chelsea is getting a lot of love these days (and for good reason) let me just throw the Crepe Chukka variety back on your shortlist to keep things confusing.

All Common Projects options currently in stock (including the Crepe Chukka) at Need Supply.

Back to Backpack | Assemblage

August 11, 2016

For most of my adult life I’ve been in the “backpacks are for kids” camp but I’ve recently softened on my backpack ban. My thinking shifted experientially, as I did some major traveling with my kiddos in which I needed both hands unencumbered which thankfully forced me back into a backpack. During our journey, I was pleasantly reminded how freeing wearing a backpack can be and further realized there are plenty of times when I should leave my single shoulder strapped bags behind and break out the backpack. If you’ve turned a blind eye to the glories of the backpack over the years, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that any and all of your favorite brands now have their own unique take on the backpack. From the rugged canvas of Filson to the luxuriousness of Brunello Cucinelli, give a look at the Assemblage below and click out on the titles for price and purchase info.



J.W. Hulme










Marni x Porter


Brunello Cucinelli








Jack Spade


Topo Designs


Saint Laurent


Herschel Suppy Co.


Tom Ford


Collected Works


Alexander Wang




Uri Minkoff








Uuni 2S Pizza Oven

August 10, 2016

Holy shit guys! Wood fired pizza oven that reaches 900°F in 10 minutes and cooks 13” pizzas in just 90 seconds! I’m not quick with the math but that’s enough time for me to eat a shit ton of ‘za without coming to the conclusion I should probably not be eating pizza again the 4th day in a row after buying this damn thing but FUCK IT, PIZZA!

I’m gonna buy 12 of these an open up my own Pizzeria Locale style joint named with super cool missing letters and all caps called PZZERA and basically win a James Beard Award, gain 179 lbs. from product testing and die at age 43. Damn, this pizza dream scenario thing got dark on the quick.

More info at Huckberry which my MacBook’s auto correct desperately wants to change to Huckleberry.

Engineered Garments | Button Shawl

August 3, 2016

Everyone’s got tons of gear on sale right now, but nahhhh, you don’t want that summer sale shit. You want in on that F/W game. Dark ass navy to the point of 92% of people thinking it’s black. Don’t sweat it, I’ve got you.

I know, you’re thinking the type of shit you might not even break out of holding until late October. Some real wool and “dry clean only” type shit. I’ve still got you.

I know, I know, you’re really looking for something that looks like listening to an Andrew Bird album sounds. Found it.

Oh, you wanted me to make it some off the wall type deal with some real grandma giving free (but really a $4 “donation” is encouraged, due to the printing costs of the handouts and having extra binoculars on hand if need be) birding tours in Central Park type vibe. Done.

Wait, you wanted to get all that with some big ass mother fucking polka dots? Done and done.

Oh yeah, you I also didn’t want to be able to order it online, only to see pictures of it online and then be forced by the brand that makes it to place a fucking phone call or actually go into a store to procure it. Never fear.

BOOM: Need Supply





Superga | 2750 Velcro

August 1, 2016

Velcro is super dope because of the loud ass sound it makes when you open and close the straps except for that one time my childhood friend Doug was wearing his Pony’s with the straps and as he was pulling the straps off and on, making that scccrrrreeeek sound over and over again, his dad was pretty wasted and took his velcro strapped Pony’s and threw them in the fireplace, which happened to have a fire blazing in it at the time, and gruffly said, “Quit that fuckin’ around shit!”

I’ll always remember the smell of those Pony’s melting on the open fire and how Doug’s drunk dad dropped the most original vulgar sentence I’d ever heard in my young life. Doug was pretty upset but I don’t think I ever saw him in a pair of velcro shoes again.

More on these 2750 Velcro Superga at East Dane but make sure your dad has a grip on his drinking before you pull the purchase trigger.

Champion + Wood Wood Collection

July 28, 2016

Champion and streetwear brand, Wood Wood, have collaborated in dropping this Romantic collection. I did rock the Champion like a champ back in ’92 when I had the Seattle Supersonics (remember when Seattle had an NBA team?) puffy jacket and I wanted to be like Shawn Kemp, but was then glad I wasn’t later on in life when he was busted with 2 kilos of cocaine, 60 grams of marijuana and a semiautomatic pistol. But anyway, Champion got all cool again awhile back with a Todd Snyder hook up and now their shacking up with this streetwear brand with one of those rad brand names, which is just the same noun repeated twice, to create basic gear with abstract adjectives involving their logo.

I’m too old and out of the loop to know if this stuff is cool or not, but it’s all currently available for purchase in 2 hours and 7 minutes (at the time of me writing this) at End.